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Embrace the Easter Eggs with new free LEGO Bricktales DLC

lego bricktales easter update screenshot

LEGO Bricktales has released an egg-stra special Easter update – one that is available to download for free right now.

In it players can hop back into the brick-building adventure and solve new puzzles, brick-by-brick, as they look to help the Easter Bunny save Easter.

With the standard base game in your digital library, the new update introduces an egg-cellent new story set in a small Easter world, accessible once you have cleared the first world (the Jungle). On completion of that, a whole new entrance will appear in the park leading players to the new diorama where they’ll meet the friendly Easter Bunny. It’s this little guy who needs help making eggs for this year’s Easter celebration. The problem is, disgruntled chickens and snow damage keep them from reaching their goals, so players will need to use quick thinking and puzzle-solving abilities to save Easter.

A beautifully crafted Easter world, the new update for LEGO Bricktales includes five new construction puzzles, four with specific challenges whilst one is a more open area where players can build more freely. There is also a collection quest where Easter eggs are hidden in other existing worlds, three new wardrobe items, a new music track, and a new menu entry to notify players of ongoing updates.

  • A beautifully crafted Easter diorama
  • A storyline where you have to help the Easter bunny save Easter
  • 5 new construction puzzles. Four with a specific challenges and one being an open area where you can build more freely
  • 1 collection quest – Easter eggs will be hidden in the other existing worlds that you can find and use to purchase items
  • 3 new wardrobe items (purchasable with eggs players have found in the world)
  • 1 new music track
  • A new menu entry to notify you of ongoing updates

If you are unaware, LEGO Bricktales takes players on a journey across beautiful LEGO brick-themed biomes, including the deepest jungles, sun-drenched deserts, the hustle and bustle of a city corner, through a towering medieval castle, and into the paradise of tropical Caribbean islands. It’s pretty intuitive to use, mostly thanks to a brick-by-brick building mechanic that helps players solve the many fun puzzles encountered on this adventure and bring their creative solutions to life.

A game that we loved upon first release back in October 2022 as our 4/5 review spoke of the excellent variety to the puzzles, the sandbox opportunities and the decent test of the gaming skills. 

It could be said that the lovingly crafted LEGO brick dioramas built entirely with authentic LEGO elements make LEGO Bricktales the perfect game to delight generations of LEGO fans, and with the new update, things should be better still.

Let us know if you’ll be weaving those Easter baskets and cracking open those chocolate eggs, as LEGO Bricktales brings an egg-citing new adventure to your PC and consoles. 

LEGO Bricktales is on the Xbox Store, playable on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. It’s also on PlayStation, Switch and PC. 

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