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You can’t get simpler than one button controls, and that’s exactly what Videoball is bringing to the Xbox One masses.

Available to download now on Xbox One, Videoball comes with a £7.99 price tag, some super simple one button controls, the promise of infinite strategy, various arenas, adjustable rules and the chance to compete online in either ranked or exhibition modes.

It’s all about the attack, it’s all about the defence but above all else, it’s all about those highlight reels.

Game Description:

VIDEOBALL is a compact expression of all sports’ mechanics. VIDEOBALL is all offense. VIDEOBALL is all defense. VIDEOBALL: it’s all a highlight reel. •Simple one-button controls •Infinite strategy •Online team matchmaking: ranked or exhibition •Various arenas, color palettes, music tracks, background patterns, and ball designs •Adjust elements to design unique local rules.

You know what to do – check out the Xbox One Games Store now.

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