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Ever since Generation Zero first whisked us off to the 1980’s Swedish wonderland back in early 2019, a steady drop of new content has arrived, delivering new opportunity and plenty of action. That is again the case here and now as the latest addition – that of Alpine Unrest – brings a new landscape, new arsenal of weapons, more machines and a whole bundle of extra achievements and challenge.

Available to purchase and download right now, Generation Zero – Alpine Unrest will set you back £5.49 from the Xbox Store (or whatever your favoured option may be), and once you have it in place will discover the land of Himfjäll. An unexplored area, your task will be to understand the latest events that have led to the disappearance of the entire population. As you may expect though, it may hold both good and bad secrets.

Whilst you’ll need to have the full base game of Generation Zero to hand prior to worrying about this latest content drop, should you be wiling to fully embrace the wilderness then you’ll find plenty of new action included here.

Himfjäll island itself is your playground and what was once a popular ski resort is now left abandoned. But as you may expect, you won’t be left alone and whilst exploration may be extremely testing and highly dangerous, only by doing so will you discover the finer details – and perhaps a group of survivors or two. You’ll quite possibly need their help as much as they need yours.

Further though and the Alpine Unrest content also throws in new apocalypse class machines; deadlier than anything you would have ever found before. Designed by FNIX to hunt down any survivors and overpower any human, these machines wield vie weapons and have enough tactical nous to ensure your life is a tough one. Expect to come up against Hunters wielding flamethrowers, and runners equipped with biochemical machine guns as you try to get one-up.

Thankfully though you too get access to some new weaponry and you’ll quite possibly be able to stumble upon the likes of the KVM 89 Squad Automatic Weapon and KVM 59 Machine Gun, while searching around the island.

Drop in more achievements and collectibles than ever before and the Alpine Unrest DLC pack for Generation Zero certainly delivers on the content front. If you’ve been taken in by the base game and wish to head back to Sweden once more, then this is quite possibly the pack for you.

Let us know if you decide to pick it up.

DLC Description:

It’s December of 1989, in the desolate forests and hills of the Swedish countryside. A month has passed since the population vanished overnight, and you have spent this time exploring the grim open world alone and with friends, sticking to the shadows to scavenge for equipment and weapons in your attempt to stay alive. All the while, you’ve identified the mastermind behind the events leading up to the attack and it has now led you to Himfjäll. This unexplored island off the east coast might hold more answers, and perhaps something even more valuable – other survivors.

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