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Looking to begin an exciting new adventure? Then the latest title to hit Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, Mystery Mine, might just be what you desire. Dare you enter?

In Mystery Mine (not to be confused with another game involving mines, UnderMine), you’ll play as Mbonga, a regular chap who’s a hard worker in a small village, which is situated far away from civilisation. One day he meets an ancient Spirit requesting his help and, in return, Mbonga’s village would gain protection from a great evil. All he must do is follow the Spirit on a journey to reach the Underworld, which will be no easy task. 

Along the way, there’ll be many perilous obstacles, a fair few monsters, and some puzzles to solve. It’s an adventure that will also offer more information about the history of the world Mbonga lives in.

If you believe this ordinary guy needs your help in order to succeed, Mystery Mine is available on the Xbox Store for £8.39 – while Switch owners can find it on the Nintendo eShop. As always, we’d love to hear if you end up buying it, so feel free to share your thoughts with us via the comments section below.

Game Description:

Start your exciting adventure in Mystery Mine: dangerous monsters and bosses, arcane magic and decisions on which many lives depend! Can an average Joe save the world? About the game Mbonga used to be an ordinary worker in a small village far away from civilisation. Then he met an ancient Spirit who needed his help. The Spirit promised to protect Mbonga’s village from great evil, so Mbonga decided to follow him to the Underworld. Gameplay Your goals are: – to find the way to the Underworld – to help the Spirit and save the village. On your way to these goals you’ll fight mosters, overcome perilous obstacles, solve puzzles and learn more about this world’s history.

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