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Since release back in March 2019 One Piece World Seeker has slowly evolved, with the first extra episode previously giving chance for us to experience the Void Mirror Prototype. Now though it’s time to get involved with another new chapter as Episode 2 arrives, accompanied by some free gear.

ONE PIECE World Seeker Extra Episode 2: Where Justice Lies is the paid DLC you need to find yourself worrying about today as this latest chapter lets us experience Sabo’s abilities. After heading to Prison Island and attempting to investigate the going-ons in regards the World Government’s plot, Sabo becomes fully playable, giving chance for us to expose the conspiracy once and for all.

Extra Episode 2 will set you back £7.99, but it will at least provide plenty of new One Piece World Seeker opportunities.

Alongside that new DLC though is a pretty cool bit of free content – the Kintaro Outfit. Available to download and add into the base One Piece World Seeker game at absolutely no additional cost, you shouldn’t expect this costume piece to change things up too much, but if you are looking to adventure your way through Prison Island will wearing Luffy’s Kintaro outfit from “One Piece Film Gold”, you can now do so.

Those who are interested in these two new DLC packs but haven’t yet taken the plunge with the One Piece World Seeker base game would do well to check out our full review of the game on Xbox One. Let us know what you think about this new content by leaving your thoughts in the comments.

DLC Description:

Experience Sabo’s abilities as he takes the stage as a new playable character is this extra episode. He heads to Prison Island to investigate the World Government’s plot and finds underground mining tunnels. Expose this conspiracy and dispense your justice!

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