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Extreme Exorcism Review


I ain’t afraid of no ghosts…which is exactly why I’m the best person for the job when it comes to reviewing Extreme Exorcism on Xbox One!

Extreme Exorcism is a platformer in which your main objective is to clear out a haunted house of its ghosts using any of the four characters available to choose from. The characters don’t have any differences besides their appearance. In fact, there is no reason to have all four other than to enable the game to run with a local co-op/versus mode and this is something Extreme Exorcism excels at!

Don’t expect to perform exorcisms in the good old classic way with a cross, holy water and a Bible, as instead you’ll be using a variety of deadly weapons. These range from Kung Fu attacks to Lighting Spells, not to mention a grenade launcher, rocket launcher, shotguns, pistols, swords, boomerangs, mines and much more. After a certain number of kills you will be rewarded with a new weapon, so the more ghosts you get to kill, the more weapons you will unlock for use throughout the game.


The weapons constantly respawn during gameplay, so you just need to pick them up and start exorcising the ghost. In case you were wondering, you can carry three different weapons at the same time, with a rotation system ensuring that the one you picked up earliest gets dropped once you grab a new one. A unique aspect of the game sees you not having to worry about which one to use because they will all fire at the same time.

The ghost menaces that haunt the game are not your typical, every-day kind of gaming ghosts. They have an ability to regenerate and once you kill them, they’ll be back in the next round,  mimicking your every move. Watch out for your movements, and shots, or you might just end up with a crazy ghost that fires upon everything that moves.

The game features three different game types; Arcade, Challenges and Deathmatch. In each of them the game is played using a simple round system; every time you kill the Crowned Ghost the round will end and the next one will begin featuring the mimicked ghosts from the previous rounds. The more rounds you are able to survive the more ghosts will be on the screen mimicking all your previous moves.


In Arcade mode, the one that also doubles up as a story, there are 51 levels divided in 10 areas, with five levels, and a mini-tutorial level in each. Starting every level with three lives. you will have to survive as many rounds as you can in order to achieve a certain score, which will allow you to unlock the next level and areas. It’s only once you have managed to clear all these areas, that you’ll encounter the game boss. The Arcade mode can be played solo or with a maximum of three other friends in local co-op mode.

In the Challenges mode you will have a specific objective to fulfill using a bunch of pre-configured setups that include killing a certain number of ghouls with a specific weapon or to survive a set amount of rounds where the ghosts can kill you just by touching you. The challenge mode features a total of 50 different setups to complete giving you the opportunity to “evolve” your exorcist skills due to the different methods that are needed to succeed.

The Deathmatch mode is the only mode that can be played against local friends and the objective is quite simple; there can only be one Extreme Exorcist and what better place than a deathmatch arena is there to prove that? An ultimate fight using all the arsenal available, this is an opportunity to play against your friends and show off your fighting skills. You can chose to use one of the pre-configured setups if required, but the option to fight with your own rules is nice to see. I’ve only been able to play it on a 1 vs. 1 stage but it was both chaotic and fun. I’m sure that with 4 players everything is escalated to some seriously fast and furious entertainment.


The game features a retro 16-bit design with a well chosen soundtrack that definitely completes the gaming experience. From the menu to each level/area music you can count on the kind of soundtrack that will put you in the mood for playing by getting the adrenaline pumping ready for some frantic ghost fights.

Achievement hunters out there can count on a relatively low number of cheevos –  13 to be exact. Although there are only a few, a couple of them can be a bit tricky to get, but to be honest the vast majority will be yours with only a few playthroughs of the game.

Overall, Extreme Exorcism is an interesting game that’s best suited to be played with some friends, either in Arcade mode or in a deathmatch. If you want to play it all by yourself the challenges are definitely something that will keep you entertained for quite a while, and it doesn’t bring about the repetition that is sometimes found in the Arcade mode. However, it’s two major flaws: the lack of online multiplayer and the fact that the characters aren’t unique stops Extreme Exorcism from really shining.

João Xabregas (Th3 D4rK H4cK3r)
João Xabregas (Th3 D4rK H4cK3r)
An Xbox gamer since the first console was released in 2002, thanks to the Halo franchise. After that my loyalty has been within the Xbox consoles, although I'm not the so called "fanboy" and I respect the preferences of each and every gamer in what comes to the system each one prefers to use to play their videogames. I consider myself a gamer that loves to play videogames just for the fun of it. My gamertag is next to my name feel free to add if you like


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