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Every now and then a piece of news will hit you hard, right in the face, catching you completely unaware. That’s most definitely the case right now!

Microsoft have today confirmed that production has ceased on Fable Legends and that they are ‘in discussions’ with the team at Lionhead Studios regarding a proposed closure. Alongside that, the team at Press Play in Denmark is also being closed down.

Now, whilst neither decision would have been taken lightly, it comes as a huge surprise to even hear about these two studios closing down. Press Play brought us the stunningly good Max: The Curse of Brotherhood a few years back and followed that up with the unmistakable Kalimba and it’s a huge shame that we may not ever see anything from that team again.

Lionhead however is the real big kick in the teeth. A studio with a rich history, the hype surrounding Fable Legends has been building for a couple of years now and for something to be canned just when it was seemingly reaching fruition must have been a real big call.

All we can do is wish all those affected by this announcement well and hope that we can report on good things some time soon.

For now though, RIP Fable Legends, Lionhead and Press Play!

You can read the full statement direct from the Xbox News Wire.

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