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The high octane Fast & Furious franchise has thrived for many years on the big screen, regularly delivering all-star casts and pure carnage. Unfortunately, the same can’t quite be said for the gaming iterations; especially the recent Fast & Furious Crossroads, which is best described as disappointing. But if you find any joy in it and wish to enhance your experience further via downloadable content, the Fast & Furious Crossroads Pack 1 is available right now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Does it contain anything you desire?

The Fast & Furious Crossroads Pack 1 DLC includes three classic import cars and a selection of items to use in online customisation. Focusing on the vehicles first, and all three are best known from the often underappreciated Tokyo Drift film. There’s the instantly recognisable racing legend, the Mitsubishi Evo IX; the undoubted star that is the Mazda RX-7 Veilside; and the quite stunning Silvia S15 Spec S. Each car also comes with two unique wraps too.

As for the rest of the pack, it features an underlighting kit, to give your personal ride that looks like it’s gliding across the ground, and a Tokyo Police style wrap for all the cop cars. That’s not all though, with a special set of online customisation items consisting of a pattern, portrait, license plate and spray.

Should that lot be enough to entice you to make a purchase, a short trip to the Xbox Store – the PS Store and Steam too – will enable you to pick up Fast & Furious Crossroads Pack 1 for £7.99. The alternative option is to acquire the Season Pass for £24.99, which offers access to this pack and two future packs. Get in touch and let us know if you’ll be getting behind the wheel of these iconic Fast & Furious vehicles.

DLC Description:

Ride in hot with the Fast & Furious Crossroads: Pack 1 that includes 3 classic import cars and online customization items. 3 great rides: • Mitsubishi Evo IX — take to the streets with this inimitable racing legend. Comes with two unique wraps. • Mazda RX-7 Veilside — a star from the moment it was conceived. Comes with two distinctive wraps. • Silvia S15 Spec S — the stunning import that comes with two exclusive wraps Also includes: • Tokyo Police wrap • Underlighting — personalize your ride with this underbody kit that gives the illusion that you’re gliding over the road. 4 unique online customization items: • Pack 1 Pattern • Pack 1 Portrait • Pack 1 License Plate • Pack 1 Spray

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