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Aside from a vibrant Xbox Store page detailing the game, we haven’t been fully aware of AlphaLink. One watch of the trailer though tells us we’ve been missing out on something that could be pretty damn special. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S – not Optimised for X|S but coming with Xbox One X Enhancements in tow – AlphaLink from Black Hive Media throws players straight into a battle arena, before being left to – yep, you guessed it, fight to the death. 

Priced at £12.49, AlphaLink is a local or online PvP affair, one which comes straight off the back of the Kova sci-fi narrative. This means you’re tasked with shifting the tides of war in the favour of your faction, blasting anything and everything that moves to smithereens. 

We’re not overly fussed by the narrative at play here because the trailer really does sell the gameplay brilliantly. This is a fast, furious, frantic fighter, one that comes with a clean artstyle, a ton of weapons and some decent XP and progression ideas. Whether you are looking to fight back in a local fashion, or across the power of the online systems in place, AlphaLink could well have what it takes to succeed. 

What’s more, Black Hive Media are looking to integrate a host of new ideas and features a little further down the line too. Numerous content packs looks to be coming our way with various themes attached, whilst early next year there is hope that additional multiplayer game modes AND a single player/cooperative offering are also in place. It could be then when this really blasts off. 

For now, if you’re up for some fast-paced shooting action and reckon AlphaLink is for you, head on over to the Xbox Store and pick up a copy of the game. We urge you to give the trailer below a watch too – if only so you can discover what you’re letting yourself in for. 

Game Description:

AlphaLink pits players in a dystopian intergalactic arena multiplayer battle to shift the tides in the war of factions! Pick a faction, find some friends, and engage in the fight of your life in local or online matches! Earn XP and Galactic Credits to unlock new cosmetics like armor, helmets, guns, and more!

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Nathan DeSousa
Nathan DeSousa
1 year ago

I was pretty hype for this game and Ive been playing for a while already but I cant get passed literally level 3 (Kill-Zone). They made the Bots way too difficult for a beginner. Im fine with games being difficult, but not until the later levels, or until the player has has some time to get used to the game, this is ridiculous. Just hope the devs can adjust it some way because I can only replay that level so many times.