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Winter is coming – the Fimbul Winter – as a new Norse adventure hits Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

Available right now to purchase and download digitally on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PS4 and PC (with a physical release hitting the latter three too), Fimbul is the latest title to drop us into a wonderful Norse world, with this comic action adventure from Wild River and Zaxis Games seeing an icy apocalypse taking place.

The Fimbul Winter is the prelude to Ragnarök, and the Elder berserker Kveldulver found death with bandits raiding his village, killing him in the process. However, the Norns – goddesses of fate and destiny – decided on other plans for Kveldulver, resurrecting him before sending him on a bloody quest to eradicate the Jotun giants and avert the apocalypse.

The whole Fimbul tale is told out via a gripping comicbook style of story telling and what happens in Kveldulver’s story will depend fully on your decisions, with a whole host of narrative branches in place, ready to uncover. You see, as the Norns are the goddesses who spin the threads of fate, they have imbued Kveldulver with the power to go back to pivotal moments in his journey and explore different outcomes, and it is by partaking in this that you’ll discover a legendary adventure; one in which Kveldulver will meet a large cast of characters… both of friend and foe.

You will also happen across multiple stories detailing the world around him, discovering ways to improve his fighting skill, with certain items, weapons and talents enhancing the old warrior’s abilities ten-fold. He’ll need them all too, especially should you wish to see him overcome deadly warriors, horrific monsters, and gigantic Jotun.

The combat in Fimbul promises to be simple to learn, but as you go about exploring the ways of the battlefield, will discover a variety of nuances that will prove essential during awe-inspiring boss battles.

If you wish to usher in winter and give Fimbul a little look, then a digital store near you will sort you out with your journey. Us Xbox One players should be found heading to the Xbox Store, whilst those on PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC have the option of going digital or taking in a full physically released product.

We’ll have a full review of Fimbul on Xbox One for you soon.

Game Description:

Fimbul combines intense Viking battles with a deep story that unfolds through in-game comics to bring the frozen world of the Norse sagas to life. Immerse yourself in the blistering winter preceding Ragnarok — The Fimbul Winter!

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