The Skylia Prophecy xbox

Prepare to venture into a dangerous fantasy world to embark upon an epic quest for redemption that’s inspired the unforgiving philosophy of the ‘Souls’ games. Sounds difficult for sure, but the side-scrolling action-RPG The Skylia Prophecy does offer ways to make life a little easier. The only way to know if you’re up to the task is to delve into The Skylia Prophecy, which has just arrived on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The Skylia Prophecy is the latest title from 7 Raven Studios – the folks behind Rusty Spout Rescue Adventure and Ghost Sweeper – and it puts you in the role of Mirenia for this retro-inspired action-RPG. She’s an 18 year old looking for redemption after unleashing an evil power three years prior. The path ahead will lead our protagonist to the Tirkin Fortress, where she must perform an ancient spell in order to help her vanquish the very evil that was let loose into the world. Unfortunately, despite the quest’s end in sight, there are ravenous monsters to defeat first with the aid of her trusty Shield Blade.

Get ready to journey throughout the lands and towns of this medieval setting, while also exploring ancient dungeons. Battling hordes of the undead is a given in this hard as hell adventure. But don’t worry too much about how tough it’ll be because along the way you will meet the people of these lands. These people will ask you to help them, sell you powerful items and reveal secrets to aid you on your perilous journey. The rewards you receive from succeeding in side quests will make the game easier in the long run!

Key Features:

  • Upgrade Mirenia with a level and magic system
  • Over a dozen different locations
  • Beautiful pixel-art
  • Story-driven exploration
  • Tough-as-nails difficulty
  • Atmospheric Music
  • Challenging and complex boss battles

Should you be up for the challenge posed by The Skylia Prophecy, it’s available right now from the Xbox Store for a mere £5.79. You’ll also be able to find it on the PS Store and the Nintendo eShop, if either of those are your preferred platforms. Let us know via the comments whether you will be picking it up, or not. Hold tight for our full review of The Skylia Prophecy on Xbox too.

Game Description:

Mirenia is an 18 year old girl on a quest for redemption. After unleashing an evil power when she was a teenager, she is now on her way to Tirkin Fortress to perform an ancient spell that should help her vanquish the very evil she unleashed three years ago. Now, nearing the end of her quest, she arrives in the villages just outside the fortress, where monsters ravage, young women are being raped and men are being slaughtered. Armed with her trusted Shield Blade, Mirenia is so close of undoing the mistakes of her past. Will she succeed or ultimately only make matters worse? The Skylia Prophecy is a sidescrolling action-rpg set in a medieval fantasy world. As Mirenia, you will journey throughout the lands and towns, explore ancient dungeons and battle hordes of the undead in this hard as hell adventure inspired by the ‘kill the player’ philosophy of the ‘Souls’ games. Along your way you will meet the people of these lands, who will ask you to help them, sell you powerful items and reveal secrets to aid you on your journey. By interacting with the townsfolk, you will ultimately recieve rewards that make the game easier in the long run – thus, you set the difficulty for the final strech yourself! Will you find redemption or ultimately end up among the dead? The Skylia Prophecy will challenge you on every turn with its hard but fair difficulty, powerful bosses and exploration-based riddles.

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