Gaming can be such a great bonding experience when you’re playing with friends. But sometimes just chilling and getting invested in a game’s story, environment and the gameplay is where it’s at. If you own the Xbox Game Pass, you need to take advantage of the numerous games that the service hosts from triple-A blockbusters to indie games. And following on from 10 of the most wonderful games available on the service, we’re here to share five of the best single player games on the Xbox Game Pass.

4. Batman: Return to Arkham

Batman: Return to Arkham is the perfect one-two punch with the famous Arkham series.

The first game, Arkham Asylum, has you becoming Batman as he tries to navigate the overtaken Arkham Asylum caused by the Joker. Not only do the fighting mechanics effortlessly flow together, but the detective side of Batman is explored. You’ll encounter numerous puzzles as detective mode is used to defeat your enemies stealthily.

This game alone would guarantee a spot on this list, but it leads to one of the best game sequels of all time. Arkham City takes everything that made the first game great and adds new elements that help this sequel feel bigger. You now are trapped in Arkham City, a decaying section of Gotham that has been set up for criminals to roam. It transforms the Arkham series into a beautiful gothic open-world game that allows you to fully be the Batman. Grappling onto gargoyles and falling until you glide from rooftop to rooftop is thrilling. Catwoman becomes a playable character, and the sections featuring her don’t feel like a distraction.

Get ready to become the Batman… and collect all of those Riddler trophies!


    • As for others, I’ve been playing the fable games and I’d say there good single players to mention. Ff15 is awesome and gone to replay it again since afew year ago

  1. Better 5 Single Player Games List:

    1: Witcher 3
    2: The Outer World
    3: Pillar of Eternity
    4: Final Fantasy 15
    5: Kingdom Come Deliverance


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