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There’s a frantic boomerang brawler on the horizon and a host of adorable, yet lethal, food creatures are the stars. It’s titled Boomerang Fu and up to six players can duke it out locally when it comes to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC on 13th August.

Cranky Watermelon’s Boomerang Fu lets you select one of 12 unlockable food characters, ranging from the mighty Milk Carton to the awesome Avocado, then leaves you to make a delightful mess by tearing each other apart in some fast-paced food fights. Practice the art of grocery-slaying across more than 30 deadly arenas which have been inspired by Hong Kong action cinema, such as cloudy tranquil gardens, slippery bathhouses and ancient temples. Wreaking havoc in these peaceful environments is inevitable, especially given they are secretly filled with spike traps, crushing stones, and portals.

Due to the relatively simple controls, you’ll learn them swiftly, thus enabling you to deftly dash away from danger and unleash a barrage of bladed boomerangs in no time. In this game though, one hit means instant death. So mastering the basics is essential, before picking up the more advanced techniques like deflecting attacks, curving throws, and drawing the boomerang back across the map while playing defensively. Furthermore you can send boomerangs around corners, off walls, activate traps or even toss them through teleportals for tricky feints. 

After getting used to ordinary boomerangs, it’s time to up the ante with stackable power-ups. Power up boomerangs with flames, frost, or explosives to obliterate opponents, then take it up a gear with telekinesis, multi boomerangs, or teleportation. Discovering how each of the twelve power-ups work is crucial to find a spectacularly ridiculous combo that will destroy the competition. 

Creating the perfect custom match is entirely possible with modifiers like win conditions, friendly fire, homing boomerangs to help new players and much more. The formidable A.I. bots could be thrown in for solo practice or to fill out matches too. Then there’s the Free-For-All matches to see who reigns supreme and a Team Up mode for squads. An additional asymmetrical mode tasks players with fighting for the possession of the Golden Boomerang, thus leading to glorious “one versus many” showdowns.

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“Boomerang Fu combines everything I love: food, boomerangs, and Hong Kong action cinema,” said Paul Kopetko, founder of Cranky Watermelon. “Which food is best? Only razor-sharp boomerangs decide which veggie gets chopped and which dairy product is king.”

Don’t forget, Boomerang Fu is looking to bring its local multiplayer action to Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam for PC on 13th August. Will you be checking out this tasty brawler at launch?


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