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We quite enjoyed ourselves when we went racing with Formula Retro Racing back in 2020, and we had a decently fun time as we got hands-on with the sequel, Formula Retro Racing: World Tour for a recent preview, too. After being pushed back from a November 2022 launch to that of 2023, it was obvious that the Repixel8 team behind it wanted more time to implement more things. And it seems as if they will be doing that via the power of Kickstarter. 

The foundations of Formula Retro Racing: World Tour are already laid, this is a tight retro racer that could well find a place in the market. But Repixel8 and CGA Games want to do more with it and they will be hoping to utilise some Kickstarter funds in order to make that reality. 

Launching on February 1st 2023, the Kickstarter campaign for Formula Retro Racing: World Tour will look to expand the original vision of the game by securing some £10,000 ($12.369). This will then be pumped into the game, adding extra content like online multiplayer, features from backer suggestions and an expansion to the VR mode. 

Formula Retro Racing: World Tour was already going to be bigger than the original game, with better gameplay mechanics, tracks and more, but with Kickstarter backers in place too, the world could well be the oyster. 

There will be a range of backer levels in place, going from standard digital versions of the game right through to having direct influence on track design. If you’re on PlayStation or Switch, you’ll also have the opportunity to grab a physical edition. Of course, VR folk will also find a ton of goodies included for them. That mode alone promises to add a whole new dimension of immersion. 

Andrew Jeffreys, Repixel8 Director said: “Really excited to be working again with CGA studios on Formula Retro Racing: World Tour. Being a massive fan of arcade racers since the ’90s, it’s amazing to be able recreate the classic racing experience on World Tour. We’ve had loads of fantastic feedback so far throughout development and are looking forward to engaging with fans to make this the ultimate retro arcade racing game.”

Jon Wetherall MD, CGA Studio Games Director  said: “CGA Studio are thrilled to be working alongside Repixel8 again, bringing our experience of making VR racing games to the old school retro arcade genre. We’re fans of classic racers and think this project brings the best components of the genre together in an elevated way for new platforms.”

Check out the Kickstarter from Feb 1st and then prepare yourself for this crisp, 4K, 60fps racer to hit the world later in the year as it releases on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch.

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Toby Lymburner
Toby Lymburner
4 days ago

I really want to see them reach their full potential, they deserve it