fortnite minty legends

Fresh, fierce and ready for the fight, it’s time to add the legends into your game with the Fortnite – Minty Legends Pack. 

Priced at a cool £24.99, the Minty Legends Pack works alongside the base game for Fortnite to ensure players have access to more bling than they could ever imagine. And it just so happens that alongside that glitzy gear is a whole host of free V-Bucks for good measure. 

The Minty Legends Pack is pretty much an essential piece of gear for any Fortnite player looking to run a hot customisation angle. It comes with three new Outfits and Back Blings, a similar number of Pickaxes, no less than 1000 V-Bucks and a rather gorgeous Fire Mint Wrap too. 

The Outfits, Back Bling and Pickaxe options all work a similar theme. There’s the Fresh Aura Outfit that is well complemented by the Minty Bomber Outfit and Skellemint Oro Outift. There’s also the Minty Multipack Back Bling, Spearmint Satchel Back Bling and Minty Mantle Back Bling. And there’s also the Minty Mountaineer Pickaxe, Freshbreaker Pickaxe and Triple Mint Scepter Pickaxe. That’s a lot of Outfits, Back Blings and Pickaxes. 

Of course, with the 1000 V-Bucks thrown in too – and for some that will warrant the £24.99 price tag alone – there’s the chance for players to be able to go into the Battle Royale, Creative and Save the World modes with even more options in tow. In fact, whilst other packs that have hit the Fortnite scene in recent times – the likes of the Graveyard Drift Quest Pack and Fallen Light Pack – have provided a decent degree of opportunity, this new Minty Legends Pack lifts things to new levels. 

You’ll find the Fortnite – Minty Legends Pack present and correct on the Xbox Store, letting Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S players get in on the action. If you’re on other formats, expect to find it from your own store. 

Let us know in the comments if this is one you’ll be adding in to your game. Surely you agree that this is a seriously fresh bit of kit!?

DLC Description:

Keep it fresh and fierce with the Minty Legends Pack. Everything you need to chill out the competition

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