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Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 20 – Winter


Things are going to take a turn for the chilly in this, the third week of the High Performance series in the world of Forza Horizon 5. Yes, Winter is not coming any more, it has arrived in Series 20 of the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges, and the world has magically reset itself in time for some more high speed shenanigans around the roads and dirt of Mexico.

There should be a whole raft of stuff to get our teeth into, so without further ado (no-one reads this intro anyway, do they?) let’s check out what Series 20 – Winter has in store for us.

Part 1: Weekly Car Challenge – Situated Beyond

The subject of this week’s car challenge is an odd one, the Ultima Evolution Coupe 1020 from 2015. It is a fast looking thing, to be sure, but let’s face it, I’m going to struggle to get my fishing gear in the back, aren’t I?

Should you not have an Ultima in your garage, they are available from the Autoshow for a mere  300,000 credits. They look very good in the lime green.

Chapter 1 – Ultimate Ultima

Get in your new car and take it for a spin, but hold on tight as acceleration can be vivid.

Chapter 2 – DIY

Apparently, buyers of this car could choose to build it at home. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d want to go out and drive fast in something I had nailed together!

Still, I guess some people do, and so to celebrate these folk, we need to spend 25,000 credits on upgrades for the Ultima. Basically, I bought an AWD swap, race brakes and a race gearbox and that pretty much covered it, with slick tyres thrown in.

I’ve upgraded mine to save you the trouble, and the share code is : apparently a secret, as I can’t find it in my share centre! Does any one know if there is an upper limit on the number of tunes you can have shared in Forza Horizon 5?

Chapter 3 – Supersonic

The Ultima can accelerate pretty rapidly, I’m told, and to prove this, we now have to win the Festival Drag Strip race. Shouldn’t be an issue in the car I built above. 

Chapter 4 – In the Fast Lane

To show that this car isn’t a one trick pony, we now need to hold a speed of over 180 mph for more than 10 seconds. There’s really only one place you can do this, so hit up the highway across the middle of the map and pin the loud pedal.

And with that, the weekly challenge is complete and we are five points closer to the reward cars of Series 20.

Part 2: Weekly Challenges, Championships and PR Stunts

Now that it is Winter, we have some stuff to go at, including the return of the Playground Games and some racing to play with. Not counting the usual PR Stunts and Eventlab nonsense, we should have enough to keep us out of mischief.

Let’s have a look at what is on the menu, shall we?

The Trial – What Goes Around…

Ah, the Trial, the weekly challenge to get a team together. Hoping not to jinx myself, the team we assembled last week were actually pretty good, and with no more than a minor dust up on the first bend of each race, we won quite easily. Let’s see how we do this week shall we?

Well, the challenge this week is to take a Track Toy class car, tune it up to A Class 800, and then take part. With an admittedly not huge pool from which to choose, I went with a BMW M3 GTR and the share code is : 198385025.

If we manage to end up on top, a Chevy Camaro from 2015 is the reward.

Eventlab 1 – Subie156 Presents Blue Lagoon

As usual, this is another S2 Class 998 event, anything goes, so I went with the first car alphabetically to meet the criteria, an Apollo Intensa Emozione from 2018. I kept it stock as there isn’t any competition playing solo!

The prize for zooming around? A Peach Raul Urias Sundress. I may have to shave my legs…

Seasonal Playground Games – Fleeting Flag Rush

Super Saloons to an A Class 800 is the choice here, and so I chose a BMW M3 from 2008, and the share code is : 417044696. You know the drill by now, either fetch a flag or crash into a flag carrier to win.

For taking part, win or lose, we will get an Audi RS6 from 2009.

PR Stunt 1 – Danger Sign – Base Jump

Step forward the BMW X5M Forza Edition, with share code: 519084427.

Despite this being an off road focussed build, the sheer tyre bursting speed should see you right. You need to clear over 530m to take home the prize.

A Super wheelspin will be yours if you drive fast enough. And mind those rocks. 

PR Stunt 2 – Drift Zone – Camino de Montana

Drifting in an S2 Class 998 car is always tricky, but a Hoonicorn makes it more accessible. Keep it stock, as it is plenty fast enough, and get it to slide about to the tune of 130,000 drift points to win. Just keep sliding, to paraphrase Dory!

Should you manage it, another Super Wheelspin will be winging its way towards you.

PR Stunt 3 – Speed Trap – Tulum

Much like last week, do this one in the Koenigsegg I always recommend – it comes with a share code of: 109282883. 

You just need to hit above 190 mph to win and it feels like approaching from up north will make things easier. 

Another Super wheelspin will be yours for winning. 

Seasonal Championship 1 – Racing in Style

This promises to be an interesting championship, as well as an expensive one!

The category is Vintage Racers, and the tuning ceiling is B Class 700. Now, the cars on offer here are among the most expensive in the game, and I went with a Maserati 8CTF, and my share code is : 345802783.

For winning outright solo, or best two out of three in a convoy, we can take home a Lamborghini Countach.

forza horizon 5 series 20 winter 8CTF
Forza Horizon 5 Maserati 8CTF tune

Seasonal Championship 2 – Fresh off the Grill

The category of car this time is Super Hot Hatches, and the tuning is the same as before, with B Class 700 being the limit. I went with a Ford Focus RS from 2009, and my share code is: 111915343.

For fulfilling the same criteria as before, we will this time win a Ferrari F355.

Horizon Tour

The Horizon Tour returns this week, with an invitation to take part in some jolly cooperation. The format, in case you’ve missed it, is to take in three races against driverbots, but with some point to point racing in between the races.

As always, I can’t recommend you a tune, as the class of the race can be literally anything, but stick it out and you might just enjoy it!

And if you do, an Applause car horn is up for grabs.

Part 3: Other Challenges

Series 20 Winter adds in a Photo Challenge and a Treasure Hunt. We like Photo Challenges and Treasure Hunts.   

Photo Challenge – #FastFromThePast

This week, the challenge is to take a Retro supercar, to the Temple of Quechula, and take a photo of the beast. I’ll post the location and my artistic effort below for your admiration/ridicule.

This is a tricky one, as the location isn’t marked on the map, but it is a ruin in the lake near the Sierra Verde dam.

The reward? A Forzalink phrase “This isn’t even my final form”. I’m struggling to think of a conversation that you could slip that into, to be honest!

forza horizon 5 series 20 winter Photo 1
Forza Horizon 5 Series 20 Winter Photo Challenge
forza horizon 5 series 20 winter Photo 2
Forza Horizon 5 Series 20 Winter Photo Challenge Map Location

Treasure Hunt – Road Ready

The clue this week reads “Toys never deal well with asphalt, but perhaps a toy meant for the track does better?”. Well, I’m guessing we need a track toy car, and we need a road racing event, so just pick your favourite and let it rip. 

I used the same car I used for the Trial, the BMW M3-GTR.

The location of the treasure chest is shown below, and it has 100FP in.

forza horizon 5 series 20 winter Treasure 1
Forza Horizon 5 Series 20 Treasure Hunt
forza horizon 5 series 20 winter Treasure 2
Forza Horizon 5 Series 20 Treasure Hunt Location

Part 4: Hot Wheels Events

If you have the Hot Wheels expansion and are an Elite Level player, then you get to enjoy a couple of extra events. 

Seasonal PR Stunt – Speed Zone – Frozen Rush

Can you maintain an average speed of 160 mph through this zone? Well, if any car can do it, it’s that old faithful, the Koenigsegg Agera RS, and my share code is: 109282883. Hold on tight as there are a couple of tricky bends to master.

A Super wheelspin is your reward.

Seasonal Championship – American Dream

As you may have guessed, we need to take an American car, to a maximum of A Class 800, and try to win some races. Thinking that speed would be my friend, I went with a Shelby GT500 from 2015, and the share code is : 402868577.

The prize? A Mexican race suit. Woo.

forza horizon 5 series 20 winter GT500
Forza Horizon 5 Shelby GT500 Tune

Part 5: Rally Adventure Events

The Rally Adventure expansion brings even more events to the roster and provided you are already a Horizon Badlands champion, you’ll get access to… 

Seasonal PR Stunt – Drift Zone – Devil’s Pass

Drifting in S2 Class 998 cars is, as I mentioned earlier, pretty tricky. So, grab that Hoonicorn again and prepare to slip and slide until you reach 115,000 drift points.

This is a short course, so it will be a tad tricky, but give it a whirl.

A Super Wheelspin is the prize.

Seasonal Championship -Tour Galore

Modern Rally cars to a maximum of B Class 700 is the restriction here, and as always, it’s an Evo I want. The Evo VIII MR to be exact, and the share code is: 141172186.

It’s not the fastest car in the world, but it certainly grips and goes.

For winning, whether solo or in a convoy, we will get some tan winter boots.

With Series 20 into Winter, you should have a host of reward points on offer, and that means you get access to reward cars. Of course, making sure you have ticked off the Monthly Rivals events will help, so if you haven’t gone clean around Dunas Blancas Sprint and the Chihuahua Circuit then get that fixed up pronto.   

Grab enough points and Winter also brings new prizes, with this week’s cars being the brand new Audi RS 6 2021 for 20 points and the Noble M600 for 40 points.

There are some monthly cars too – the Ferrari 599XX is yours for 80 points, with the McLaren F1 sitting behind 160. You should be near sorted with these, with just Spring of Series 20 left next week. 

To take in the Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges, you’ll need a copy of Forza Horizon 5. It’s available on Game Pass, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC and on the cloud via mobile. The Xbox Store will sort you out with a download. 

As always, the comments section is below. We’d love to know if these cars and tunes have helped you out. 


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4 months ago

what would be te reason Fleeting flag rush is not unlocking the prize? I have won 2x and i have collected and dropped the flags, i have knocked the flag off opponent but at the end it never unlocked. 🙁

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