So, here we at last, the final week of the German Automotive Excellence Season in Forza Horizon 5, otherwise known as Series 8 – Spring. With the arrival of spring in Mexico, it appears that the hot season kicks in, and certainly it appears that the people over at Turn 10 have turned up the heat on the racing action with three Seasonal Championships to go at, alongside the usual Trial and Eventlab nonsense. There are a host of PR Stunts too. So, let’s dive straight in and give you the best cars and the fastest tunes that you’ll need to complete Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges for Series 8 – Spring. 

Part 1 – Weekly Challenge – The People’s Car

Volkswagen is actually German for “Peoples Car”, and this week, the subject of the Weekly Challenge is apparently one of the rarest Golfs of them all – the 2003 Golf R32.

For a mere 20,000 credits, you too can get your hands on AWD and a V6 engine, so grab one and lets go!

Chapter 1:  R For Racing

Get in your shiny R32 and go for a drive. Tick!

Chapter 2: Racing Performance

Given that the R32 was built to be fast, it should come as no surprise to anyone to discover that we need to win a couple of races in it – Road Races to be precise. 

Whether that be circuit or sprint, pick your poison. 

Chapter 3: Up, Up And Away

No prizes for guessing what the next step in the chain is. Yes, it’s our old friend the Danger Sign, and we have to earn 6 stars using the R32. Pick your favourite and let fly!

I tuned mine up a bit for this, just to the ceiling of B Class (699) and the share code is: 156 548 623. I used the Cannonball sign to do this as it’s a nice easy run up.

Chapter 4: Drivers Wanted

The Final step is to drive your R32 really fast – fast enough to earn 10 speed skills. I simply took the car to the highway and let ‘er rip. 

The tune above tops out at 137 mph, so you can gather speed skills quite slowly, if that makes any sense.

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

Here is where we can get our teeth into the offerings this hot season, with races galore, off road things to do and a bit of drifting to do, amongst others. I’ll recommend to you a tune for each event, so never fear, dear reader. Let’s get going!

Eventlab – AR12Nick Presents Rainbow Road

After the inevitable flashbacks to SNES Mario Kart have died away, we are challenged with taking an A CLass 800 UTV and trying to win this event .I used a Maverick Can Am X RS Turbo R, lightly tuned, with a share code of: 540153665.

For winning (which is a challenge, as this is the most evil Eventlab yet) you will acquire a Porsche 718 Cayman GTS.

The Trial – Stock Showdown: Audi Quattro

The Trial is again sticking to it’s new format, where a random car is chosen and the challenge is to keep it stock and beat Unbeatable Driverbots. The car this week is the classic Audi Quattro, and as always, winning or losing will depend on your team mates.

I noticed an unwelcome trend in the Trial this past week, where if we lost the first race, people would quit out of the event and leave only us hardy folk in it. Please, don’t be that guy – stick with it because you never know what might happen in the second and third races.

Speed Trap – Oceano Azul

Seasonal speed trap, eh? We need to use an Audi R8 V10 Plus, tuned to a maximum of S1 Class 900, to blast past the camera at 205mph. Luckily, the road is fairly straight, and my share code for this event is: 191248189.

This is a bit of a challenge as the camera sits on a rise, so you need to be flat out to have a chance.

A Super Wheelspin will be yours if you do it!

forza horizon 5 series 8 spring R8

Trail Blazer – Sand and Deliver

A Trail Blazer is always a challenge, but to do it in a VW Class 5 Bug, only tuned to D Class 500, with a mere 4 seconds or better left on the clock promises to be extra tough.

Luckily, my tune of: 172938522 did it with time to spare.

Another Super Wheelspin will be yours when you finish jumping off sand dunes.

Drift Zone – Otro Mundo

Another challenge here, with a BMW of any flavour, but only tuned to B Class 700, challenged with scoring many, many drift points from this Drift Zone. How many you ask? How does 116,00 grab you? Thats’ a full 46,000 more than the previous 3 star score, which you could attempt in a full blown drift car. 

Still, I had a crack at tuning a car, a proper old skool M5, from 1988  and its share code is: 706895453. This scraped over the line with 117,000 drift points, but it is tricky, so practice.

Another Super Wheelspin? Go on then.

forza horizon 5 series 8 spring M5

Seasonal Championship – Hot on the Trail

We need to use a German Rally Monster class car, tuned up to a maximum of B Class 700. The choice is somewhat slim, being either an Opel Manta 400 that we won last week, or the #65 Rothsport Porsche. Both these cars are pretty near the limit, to be honest, and all I did was take the Manta and set off. Cheap championship this week. 

Winning the championship (or best two out of three races if in a convoy) will net you an Audi Quattro, ideal for the Trial this week.

Seasonal Championship – Power Couple

Mercedes Benz vs Mercedes-AMG. Up to a maximum of A Class 800, which one of these behemoths would win? Well, now’s your chance to find out. On road racing is where it’s at this week, and I had no choice other than to take my favourite vehicle in the game – Tankpool 24 Racing Truck Forza Edition. 

I love this thing, the combination of stupid speed and ridiculous size makes every race a joy. And best of all it’s already at the right class. 

Winning will get you a Mercedes Benz SLS AMG, which is nice.

Seasonal Championship – Heat Wave

Appropriate that for a race series in the hot season, it should feature German Hot hatches, don’t you think? Again, this is a B Class 700 maximum event, and so the choice is somewhat restricted. The recommended car is only three cars long, and so I chose the R32 we used earlier, with the share code of 156 548 623. Again, having a team with you will make this easier.

Winning will get you an Ice Cream Van horn, so it’s well worth the effort, eh?

Part 3 – Other Challenges

Unless you’re counting the Monthly Rivals clean lap around the Arch of Mulege circuit (and we’re not because you should have done that one long ago), we’re left wanting a little with the other challenges this week – in fact, there’s just a Photo Challenge to enjoy. It’s an easy one too. 

Photo Challenge – #GOINGPLACES

Take a photo, as you might expect, and this time the subject is the BMW M5 from 2003, and the setting is the Grande Puente bridge in the bottom of the map. I’ll include my picture and the location to help you out.

A “Good Morning” car horn will be yours for getting snap-happy.

forza horizon 5 series 8 spring Photo 2
forza horizon 5 series 8 spring Photo 1

As Series 8 closes with Spring, the rewards you’ll get through all the challenges above should be enough to net you enough points to grab the weekly cars – the RS 4 Avant ‘18 is there for 20pts, with the Mercedes-AMG One for 40pts. Obviously those points will work towards the full series rewards too – Mercedes AMG E63 (80pts) and the AutoUnion Type D (160pts)

Series 9 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges will be with you soon too – and that adds in the Hot Wheels expansion. FUN!

To play Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC, you’ll need to visit the Xbox Store. It’s freely downloadable through Game Pass. 

The comments are below – we’d love to know if our tunes have helped you out. 

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