Gaming includes both classic gambling and versatile video games. Strictly speaking, both are a form of art. Whether highest-paying casino games or popular jump and run games. For the gamer, it always means lots of thrills and excitement. With video games, players can always experiment and try out different strategies.

All about the development history

PC games became popular as early as the 1950s. The DEC company started selling small computers in April 1962, which included a test game “SpaceWar!”. In 1974 the first civil computer network “Telenet” was launched. Then, in 1997, the first MMORPG was created under the label “Ultima Online”. And it became a real success. It took only one year for the number of players worldwide to reach 100,000. Today, e-sports tournaments attract millions of viewers who follow live broadcasts on the Internet.

Video game developers, meanwhile, have studied the impact of games on brain activity in older people. It has been shown that by stimulating individual brain areas, it is possible to strengthen the mental performance of seniors. This is accompanied by a significant prolongation of an active lifestyle. This is a real prospect for the further development of video games. So, in this type of video games, luck definitely plays a minor role, or even none at all.

Video games and their classification

Each new game was its very own class from the beginning. However, the variety of games became so gigantic over time that it was now time to create categories. Meanwhile, games are divided into different genres. Above all, they differ in their game mechanics. Some games can be clearly classified, while others are hybrids.

Action games

Mostly in the action games a single figure or a vehicle is controlled by a player. This is not a game of luck, but a game of skill and reaction. The typical goals of an action game include eliminating the opponent or reaching a certain point in the level. The GTA game series is a well-known example of action games.

Beat ’em ups

Here, players compete against other players or computer opponents in direct combat. With the help of the use of different fighting techniques the opponent must be defeated. The game mechanics often overlap with the fighting games. Here, too, everything revolves around defeating the opponent with certain fighting styles. Often the fights are turn-based. Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat or Super Smash Bros are particularly well-known games of this genre.

First-person shooter

First-person shooters have their name for a good reason, because here the player fights in a first-person perspective. The game world is three-dimensional and the player fights against virtual opponents or other players. As a rule, firearms are used here. Call of Duty, Battlefield or Far Cry are particularly well-known first-person shooters.

Skill games

Usually, skill games have a higher strategic part. In addition, they are very conducive to eye-hand coordination. Tetris is probably one of the best known skill games.

Jump ‘n’ Runs

In Jump ‘n’ Run games, too, a character is controlled by the player. Usually this figure moves running and jumping. The basis of many Jump ‘n’ Runs is the 2D view. Reaching the level is often the set goal of the game. Here, too, it often depends on skill and patience. It has less to do with luck. To be more precise, you either master the controller or not. Practice makes perfect. Super Mario and Donkey Kong are among the best known games in this genre.

Open World Games

Especially here, there can quickly be overlaps with other genres. This is true for action games, for example. In open world games, however, the focus is always on an open game world. Here, the players have to complete certain tasks. Most of the time, the game world can be explored freely. Particularly well known in the field of open world games are GTA with overlaps to the action genre. These include Assassin’s Creed, Watch Dogs and Minecraft, among others.

Music and dance games

Music and dance are the central elements for the gameplay here. As a rule, the player has to imitate certain dance steps here. This is done, for example, by pressing key combinations or by moving on a dance mat. Guitar Hero and Just Dance are very popular here, for example.

Role-playing games

Here the player controls a character. The goal here is that the skills and also the equipment are improved in the course of the game. You accompany the character in its development. Often the central tasks of role-playing games are also called quests. Most role-playing games are set in a fictional world. The Witcher, Pokémon and The Elder Scrolls are among the most well-known role-playing games.


Simulation games are games that rely on a realistic environment. Here, an attempt is made to reproduce a real situation as faithfully as possible in the game. The railroad simulator or Railroad Tycoon are very well-known games of this genre.

Sports games

Thanks to sports simulations, certain sports can be played virtually. Tennis for Two was the first sports game to be released back in 1958. In general, this game was the very first computer game. FIFA, NBA2K or Madden are among the most popular sports games today.

Strategy games

As the name suggests, everything here is based on strategic mechanics. Either the game is based on rounds or it is about performing certain actions in real time. For example, such an action can be an attack coordination of a virtual army. StarCraft and The Settlers are particularly well-known in this regard.

The difference between online gambling and video games

While video games are generally not designed to make money, they can still become more profitable for a player over time. For example, if one participates in certain tournaments, then the organizer may set a cash prize that is meant for reward purposes.

Traditional gambling, on the other hand, provides for betting for money in the hope of winning even larger amounts of money. The games in the virtual world provide advantageous points and resources in the form of bonuses. In online casinos you can get real money, which is either converted into cash or used to earn more money.