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Forza Horizon 5 Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges Guide Series 9 – Spring


With the advent of Spring in Mexico, Series 9 of Forza Horizon 5’s Festival Playlist Weekly Challenges draw to a close, ready for the next exciting chapter in the Forza Horizon 5 story. With the promise of many more achievements being added in the new Hot Wheels expansion, excitement is approaching fever pitch. And yet, we must remain sensible, as there is still the small matter of this, the final week’s challenges to overcome. So, without further ado, let’s hit those loud pedals and see what is in store in Series 9 – Spring.

There’s a bit of a mixed bag, with the usual suspects all reappearing, and a final Treasure Hunt to try and solve. Stick with us though and we’ll show you what cars you’ll need to batter the weekly challenges and go into Season 10 on a high.

Part 1 – Weekly Challenge – Ultra Hot

The traditional start to the week, grab a car, do things in it, and profit to a mighty haul of Forza weekly points.

The subject of the challenge this week is the Buick Regal GNX, the car that the baddy from Disney Pixar’s Cars, Chick Hicks, was based on. I have often toyed with the idea of making a tribute paint job, but there are a lot of little stickers that would need to be made first.

Still, all you need to worry about is buying it (if you don’t already own it, simply stump up 130,000  credits at the Autoshow).

Chapter 1:  American Muscle

Get in your new and shiny Buick and take it for a spin. Step one complete.

Chapter 2: Attention to Detail

For this next step, a little light tuning may be required, as we need to earn a 2 star score at any Speed Trap. In order to get this, I created share code 127985690 and used the Speed Trap at Estadio, as it only needs 130mph for 2 stars, and this tune is capable of easily beating the requirements.

Chapter 3: Grand National

The same tune we used for beating the Speed Trap will come in handy in this next step, as we need to come first in a Road Race event.

Whether you prefer a track or a circuit type race, simply pick your favourite and let rip.

Chapter 4: Limited Edition

And finally, sticking with the racing theme, we have to take our trusty Buick and win a Street Race. Again, it doesn’t matter which one, simply pick one you like.

And remember, if you are struggling (I’m sure you won’t be, but just in case), you don’t lose anything except a few credits for lowering the difficulty.

This isn’t the Trial!

And with that, that’s one weekly challenge ticked off the list. Well done.

Part 2 – Weekly Challenges

On to the second part of the festivities, and here we begin to get our teeth into the challenges.

Eventlab – Shady Ryo Presents Hot Wheels Mountain Climb

Another week, another entry in the Eventlab nonsense, and here we go again.

What “Shady Ryo” has created here is a bit of a mystery, to be honest. The class restriction is anything goes, S1 Class 900, but the description says A Class? Weird.

Anyway, I went with a quick beast, the Renault 8 Gordini, for a bit of a laugh. The share code is 133825429 and this car is a hoot and a half to drive.

Winning this ordeal will get you a Ford Mustang S5, so at least it’s not a pair of gloves!

forza horizon 5 series 9 spring Renault

The Trial – Main Street

Ah, the Trial, the weekly challenge to forge a lean mean racing team from a bunch of randoms on the internet, all in the name of beating Unbeatable Driverbots.

The class this week is limited to Retro Muscle cars in a C Class 600. Obviously, I’m going to use a new car for this (mainly because my Buick is too high for the event) and so went with a Chevy Monte Carlo Super Sport. The share code is :135938220.

It’s not going to blow your wig off, to be honest, but the handling should see you right.

Coming out on top in this event will get you a Chevy Camaro from 1969, so another nice prize.

forza horizon 5 series 9 spring Monte Carlo

Seasonal Playground Games – Survival

The almost weekly enticement to come and play the Playground, and this week it’s all about Survival, which is actually my favourite of the mini games on offer. Basically, either stay away from the other team, or chase them down and crash into them to win, depending on which side you are drawn.

We are limited a little this week to only a #1107 VW Bug to a D Class 500, share code for mine is: 175335749.

Win or lose, you’ll go home with the keys to another car in your pocket, this week the Ford GT70. Like a GT40, but drawn with only a ruler.

Speed Trap – Callejon

As I’m sure you know by now, we have to blast by a Speed Trap at a certain speed, and this season it is 170mph, in an extreme track toy tuned to S2 998. No problem, you may think, but this is in the heart of the city, and big speeds and tight streets do not happy bedfellows make.

Still, we have to have a crack at it, and so I chose an Aston Martin Vulcan AMR Pro, with a share code of: 135491939.

Hitting the required speed will get you a Super Wheelspin, as usual.

Danger Sign – Base Jump

“Can you fly, Bobby?”. Well, I hope so, as we have to jump more than 400m in a 

Rare Classic tuned to B Class 700, which sounds like a tall order (see what I did there).

I went with a Ferrari 365 GTB/4 and its share code is: 767151197.

Hit the left side of the ramp to avoid the trees is my top tip.

Soaring like an eagle (hopefully not called Eddie) will net us a Super Wheelspin.

Speed Zone – Rio Fuerte

The challenge this time is to hold an average speed of over 110mph, in a Modern Supercar, tuned to only A Class 800. Now, there’s only one marque for me when it comes to supercars, and that is Lamborghini. Sadly, none of them were A Class, so I went with a BMW i8. Nope, not my idea of a supercar either, but it did the job. 

Share code is: 111593688.

The course is a real female dog, if you’ll pardon my French, and braking is very necessary. Approaching from the right side seems marginally easier, but watch the trees in the first bend.

Again, all of your Super Wheelspin needs will be met if you succeed.

Seasonal Championship – Exotics

Finally we get down to some racing, and with a car restricted to a Retro Supercar, and a class of A 800, it is time to call on the mighty Countach again I feel. Yes, with its share code of: 797737461, this car should see you right to winning the championship.

Do you want a Ferrari 365 GTB4? You do? Best race your way to victory then.

Seasonal Championship – Hot Tunerz

I’m not sure what a “Tunerz” is, and quite why they would be hot, but nevertheless, another race series is afoot. Winning best two out of three in a convoy, or scoring the most points over the series solo is the name of the game here.

We have to get into our best Retro Sports car, tune it to B 700, and let rip. The car I chose, from not a massive list I have to be honest, was a Mitsubishi GTO, a car that takes me back to playing Gran Turismo on my old Playstation. The share code is: 145659272, and with AWD and good traction it should see you right.

The prize for winning? How about a Porsche 911 GT3 from 2004?

Part 3 – Other Challenges

As Series 9 draws to a close with Spring, there are a few little bits to enjoy away from the racing.  

Photo Challenge – #STREETBEAST

Another easy photo challenge this week.Get in your best Modern Muscle car, take it to the Street Scene Outpost, and snap away. Easy, right?

I’ll include my artistic efforts below, along with the location just in case. Oh, and the reward? A forza link phrase, “Don’t talk about the Street Scene”. Okay then, we won’t.

forza horizon 5 series 9 spring Photo 1
forza horizon 5 series 9 spring Photo 2

Treasure Hunt – Speed Machines

I do like a Treasure Hunt, I have to say.

The clue this week is “German sports hares are lightning fast, splitting any zone in three”. Now, the only German hare I can think of is the VW Rabbit (which is what the Golf was called in America), and I’m guessing it has something to do with a speed zone. Splitting a zone in three should indicate getting one star, surely? 

Well, no, it means we have to three star a Speed Zone. Doing so will make the Treasure Chest appear. I used this share code: 811918106, which will do nigh on 200mph, so plenty.

The location is revealed below.

forza horizon 5 series 9 spring Treasure 1
forza horizon 5 series 9 spring Treasure 2

Horizon Open – Speed Blaster

Finally, we are challenged to go into the Horizon Open racing and earn 10 speed skills. Now, these are pretty easy to get in road races, and a little more challenging on the dirt, but whatever you fancy, get out there and tear the track up.

With the possibility of any class coming up, I can’t recommend a particular car, so take one you like the handling of.

Completing this challenge will get you a Ford Raptor 17, which will come in handy for one of the daily challenges this week…

The two Monthly Challenges are still in place but you should have done those long ago, so all that is left is to worry about the cars that you’ll be picking up through Series 9 – Spring. For 20pts you’ll find the Hot Wheels Metro is yours, whilst 40pts will put you behind the wheel of the Peel Trident. Of course, those points also work towards the full Series rewards of theHot Wheels Twin Mill and Ferrari Dino. 

Series 10 – Horizon X is next up on the Festival Playlist and we’ll be back to talk you through how best to complete that in the days ahead. Expect new collectibles, new cars, new challenges and new race brandings. Exciting, huh!?

You’ll find Forza Horizon 5 is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S or PC via the Xbox Store. It’s on Game Pass too.   

The comments are below – we’d love to know if our tunes have helped you out.


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1 year ago

First of all! THANK YOU! Thank you for the car and tune build code recommendation for this season’s crazy Hot Wheels Mountain Climb event. My first attempt before choosing your car failed at 98% complete as it didnt have enough power to make the final climb.

Secondly I wanted to let your readers know that for the Daily Challenge titled POLE POSITION I created a custom EventLab Event titled POLE POSITION DAILY NO TRAFFIC. This follows the standard Ruta Norte route but has only one Drivatar, is set to “Tourist” and has no traffic, for a quick easy win.

The share code is: 878 740 266

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