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Free and paid Companion DLC arrives in Generation Zero


generation zero companion accessories pack
Do you need a companion in Generation Zero?

It’s been a little while since we’ve seen a meaningful update for Generation Zero, but that’s what we have today. In fact, we’ve got a free Companion update rolling out alongside some paid DLC.

Generation Zero players can today make the most of a couple of new options. There are some goodies included in the most recent free Companion update, but alongside that comes even more gear and opportunity in the Companion Accessories Pack. 

A new free content drop

Taking the free stuff first and from today Generation Zero players will discover access to the Companion Update. Whether that be on Xbox, PlayStation or PC – or through Game Pass – the update adds one of the community’s most-requested features: the Machine Companion. As the name suggests, this is the game’s first-ever machine friendly to players. This customizable ally is at your disposal to attack enemy machines, provide extra mobile storage for items, and help you take down hostile factions!

After picking up the new “Making Friends” mission at the Vesslan Bunker Warboard, you’ll unlock your very own machine friend. And that friend will come with a customizable name, weapons, color scheme, and even voice! You’ll get to use new emotes to interact with your Companion, keep it healthy by repairing it when it takes damage, and team up to defeat enemies together.

Paid DLC also pops up

But there’s more and should you be at one with what Generation Zero provides, the paid Companion Accessories Pack may be for you. Priced at £5.99, the amount of new content on offer seems to be rich.

The bundle features three additional behavior modules which can expand the functionality of your sidekick even further, adding the ability for your Companion to heal you when you’re wounded, collect and store loot from downed foes, or mark enemy machines, increasing their visibility and damage received in combat.

Extra armour?

It also includes extra armor and cosmetic customization options for your Machine Companion.

In all…

  • The Machine Companion can be equipped with one of three additional behavior modules that provide extra functionality in and out of combat:
    • Medic Module – Gives the Companion the ability to use medical supplies from its inventory to heal you when you’re wounded
    • Scavenger Module – Equips the Companion with the ability to collect items from defeated foes and store them in its inventory
    • Spotter Module – Allows the Companion to mark enemy machines, increasing the damage they take in combat
  • Also, you can research various advanced armor options to craft for your Machine Companion:
    • Ballistic Plates – Offers enhanced protection from bullet damage
    • Concussive Plates – Provides superior defense against explosions
    • Fire Retardant Insulation – Gives improved shielding from fire damage
  • Finally, you get access to 11 new cosmetic enhancements to give your Companion a personal touch:
    • Five distinctive Paint Jobs – “Black Fire”, “Blue Thunder”, “Bubblegum”, “Grand Prix”, and “Mecha Monster”
    • Three Light Kits – “Toxic Glow”, “Hazed”, and “Neon”
    • Three Voice Boxes – “Digi-dog”, “Speak & Learn”, and “Astrid”

You’ll find the free update rolling out to a Generation Zero base game right about now. The paid Companion Accessories Pack is also available. The likes of the Xbox Store will provide access to that. Just be aware you will need a base game download ready and present to make the most of any of it. 

DLC Description

The Resistance has discovered a way to hack a Runner Machine and make it friendly. This Companion Accessories Pack gives you several new equipment and customization options for your new Machine Companion.

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