You thought the idea of football with RC Cars was weird? Well, Rocket League has got nothing on War Thunder!

Available from today until July 9th is War Thunder’s Fiery Ball. Whether you’re a new War Thunder player, or a veteran matters little as this free for all football invites everyone to join the vehicular combat game’s newest time limited event.

Fiery Ball sees players grabbing their tanks and joining in the hunt for goals in a agme where only tactics, skill and teamwork decide the winning team.

Those teams will consist of three or four players (depending on whether you are in squad vs squad mode or not), letting players kick off in specially designed tanks that are fast, manoeuvrable and pack a serious punch.

But these beasts are slightly different from the norm and upon firing the weapon, the tank lashes forward in a powerful sprint. You will need to use this ability to pass the ball to a teammate, try to score a goal, or tackle your opponents – they are armoured, after all!

Those that score one victorious match will not only get to compete for fame on the leaderboards, but will also receive a unique ‘Fiery Ball’ decal to show off to their friends, bigging up their achievement, their aim and their team spirit.

If you thought War Thunder was just any old F2P military MMO then you were wrong. For football is coming home… to the warzone!

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