If you’re already looking forward to the release of GRIP later this year then there is now one more thing to fully embrace – becoming a stuntman!

Wired Productions and their developer, Caged Element Inc., have today announced that an outlandish Carkour Mode will arrive with GRIP this Fall, combining breath-taking speed, precision and raw courage as you attempt to tame a series of hit aerial stunt tracks.

With the game due to release on Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC this Fall 2018, GRIP promises to now also feature 19 challenging ‘Carkour’ maps which will see you attempting to work your way through multiple mind-bending stunt courses. You’ll find that 18 of these are ‘simple’ point-to-point affairs, with the finale being a totally open map that is full of jumps, twists, turns and collectibles.

This will mean you get access to the short, sharp, shock of the Easy (Airtime, Speed, Squiggly, Tubes, Upsy Downsy) and Normal (Live Jump, Scoops, Slide) courses to the more demanding Hard (Angles, Endurance, Rainbow Road) and Nightmare (Half Tubes, Loop Gap) runs. There promises to be something to challenge everyone, irrespective of skill level, and the Carkour Mode could well be the perfect tonic for those looking to concentrate on fine-tuning their timing, speed, and spatial awareness before heading back into the more standard Campaign or multiplayer modes.

A ferociously fast, futuristic arcade combat racer, GRIP will take full advantage of the current hardware to offer speeds in excess of 767 mph – making it the fastest racing game on four wheels, across roads, ceilings and anything else you can land your tires on. As you may expect from something promising so much, it will also benefit from the enhanced power behind the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro to deliver eye-pleasing visuals with spectacular in-game physics, all whilst harnessing the potential that comes from Unreal Engine 4.

22 tracks will be in place and these will take you across a whole range of hostile and foreign worlds as you embark on your quest to cross the finish line first. A devastating 9 weapon arsenal and many powerups should allow those interested to take advantage when the time is right, taking down fellow competitors with ease. From explosive darts, mines, missiles, shields and turbos, these weapons will allow you to target other cars and the environment around them – blasting through structures or collapsing them unexpectedly onto unsuspecting opponents.

There will also be 15 armoured vehicles on hand, from the swift and agile, to the brutish and heavily armored. Fully customisable and modify-able to suit your own style, expect to find plenty paint jobs, decals, wheels and other details for you to play around with.

GRIP is currently available in early access on Steam, but will be hitting Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch later this year. For now though, get a gander at that trailer!

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