As a gamer, one of the worst feelings is when you are just trying to tear apart a game with your mates, but one guy isn’t pulling his weight. Maybe he has a bad character? Or maybe they are just bad in general? Whilst Full Metal Furies may not be able to help with the latter, it emphasises its unique gameplay on the premise that everyone is important, and that teamwork is integral to the success of your team.

Available right now and playing out as a retro-style, pixelated action RPG brawler, Full Metal Furies will see you and up to three other couch or online mates working together to dispose of any enemies who have the misfortune of coming your way, ultimately attempting to save the violent war-torn world you find yourself on. By working together and utilising your own abilities, you can chain together some pretty decent combos, so you can imagine communication is key to get the most out of the game.

If you do happen to find yourself without a friend online or a buddy by your literal side, then the unique ‘Pick 2’ system will allow you to venture across areas like the Foloi Forest, snow-capped town of Thessaly and the tombs of Sygian Well with two AI companions of your choosing for company.

The RPG element of Full Metal Furies comes in the skill trees unique to each character, each firing out more skills than you can shake a machine gun at. In fact, if you are playing as an Engineer, a machine gun could come in useful! Or if the Tank or Fighter class takes your fancy, then changing an ability with something such as the Tank’s Freezing Shout or Fighter’s Power Dive could come in handy.

If you haven’t got the message by now, cooperation is the name of the game. No kill-stealing, no making a mad dash for the gold, everything is shared and in order to be the best in Full Metal Furies you need to work as a team, taking advantage of all the strengths of each player.

But it can’t help you if matey playing the Tank class is awful. Sorry.

If you want to assemble a crack squad of fighters in Full Metal Furies, then £16.74 spent in the Microsoft Store will see the game sitting pretty on your virtual shelf. It’s Xbox Play Anywhere compatible too. 

Game Description:

From the creators of Rogue Legacy comes a “true-cooperative” action RPG. FULL METAL FURIES puts an emphasis on team play with a unique combat system where everyone is important. Work together to defeat special enemies, string organics combos to deal massive damage, and save a war-torn world that is battling itself to extinction. Play on the couch or online with friends, and make it a party for up to four players! Or go solo in single-player, and show off your skills through a Pick 2 quick-switch system that retains all the nuances of multi-play.


  1. Too bad this game on Brazil is so expensive! Not on steam though. But on Xbox is double the price I’m used to pay for a 20 dollars game.


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