the longest road on earth

Here we are again, trying in vain to determine what exactly makes ‘a game’. You see, The Longest Road on Earth has released on Xbox and Switch to deliver a wordless collection of tales, with minimal controls and no fail state. If that’s your bag – it’s time to get it filled. 

Available right now to purchase and download on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch, The Longest Road on Earth has been put together by the developmental collective of Brainwash Gang, before seeing the publishing team of Raw Fury dropping it in front of the masses. 

It’s priced at £8.39 from the Xbox Store (and you may find that the Nintendo eShop asking price varies slightly), but is then fully downloadable and playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Nintendo Switch. 

Play, you say? Well yes, because this is a video game in the truest and flimsiest sense of the word. You see, Brainwash Gang have basically complied a series of events that you sit through, taking in the everyday stories and tales that cover some of the most mundane of world events. How they play out – and how they are determined – is then completely left in your hands as you slowly and surely work your way through their ideas. 

There’s little here in The Longest Road on Earth that will ever test your gaming prowess, and there’s absolutely no way you’re going to fail to see it through to any conclusion, but if that’s something you’re happy to handle in your gaming sessions, we’d highly advise you get involved. 

In fact, we’d highly advise you check out our full review of The Longest Road on Earth on Xbox Series X|S. It’s pretty much spoiler free, but will be able to tell you everything that is good about the game. 

Should you be looking for some high action, full on intensity though, well, The Longest Road on Earth just isn’t going to be what you are after.  Whatever way you swing, you’ll find The Longest Road on Earth available on Xbox and Nintendo Switch right now. Be sure to give it a play and then drop in to the comments to let us know your thoughts. It previously released on PC too. 

Game Description:

The Longest Road on Earth is a deeply personal and meditative narrative title. Play in the songs of four short stories featuring stripped down mechanics and no words. Each story is up for interpretation – what story lives inside you for each character and the world around them? Be swept away by the haunting and sentimental lyrics of over twenty-four original, emotionally charged songs, sung by one of the developers. Walking down The Longest Road on Earth will only take you two hours, and it’s worth every step.

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