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Football is FIFA. NFL is Madden. F1 is, well, F1. But what about poor old rugby? Well, that’s where Nacon and Eko Software come in with Rugby 22. 

There aren’t many rugby titles on the market, and what is there isn’t particularly capable of shining a light on the great sport. But with the arrival of Rugby 22, Nacon and the team at Eko Software are looking to change things up – perhaps not being able to deliver up an all-encompassing rugby experience in the same way as EA have sewn up other sports – but in a ‘oooo, this ain’t bad at all’ offering. 

Available today on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5 and PC, Rugby 22 is the latest – and we’ll say greatest – rugby title on the market. And if it’s not, you’ll have to go and play Rugby 20 instead.

It promises to let players master the game and then go about dominating the match, with a realistic experience that covers all the angles any egg-chasing fan could want. The recognised teams are in for one, but new gameplay mechanics mean that Rugby 22 is also able to provide enough to bring about an ultra-realistic gameplay experience. 

The control scheme has been reworked to deliver immersion, the AI has seen its behavioural traits to be enhanced and there’s a new difficulty mode to test the skills of the most hardened fan. Throw in a deep career mode, the chance to train like the pros with a host of tutorials and both solo and multiplayer modes (locally and online) and it’s easy to see why Nacon and Eko are so excited by the release of Rugby 22. 

Key features:

  • Play with your favorite team – Rugby 22 features the vast majority of the major national teams, with their players and official jerseys: New Zealand, Australia, France, Fiji, Ireland, Italy, Scotland, Wales, Japan and Georgia.
  • Take the field, alone or with others – Play alone or in multiplayer, locally and online, through different modes to play with friends or let matchmaking find you an opponent!
  • Discover Career Mode – Create your own club in Career Mode, climb the ranks, build your dream team and compete with the best teams in the world!
  • Play like the pros – Enjoy an increasingly realistic rugby simulation with real tactical depth. Play as a pod, set your wing positions, define your defense, and make clever combinations to get the better of your opponent.
  • Authentic experience – Rugby 22 offers a real rugby experience with photogrammetry to represent the star players and animations that are as close as possible to the real players’ movements thanks to motion capture technology, all in the rugby style for an intense experience.
  • Practice – With new in-game tutorials, learn the basics of the sport and practice to become the best player!

We’ll admit we usually have our feet firmly planted in the football arena, but are willing to go the extra mile to learn the ways of the game with Rugby 22, all in order to provide a full review as soon as we possibly can. We’re hoping it’ll explain the scoring system and basic rules as we go…

If you wish to check out Rugby 22 for yourself, you’ll find a copy of the game on the digital stores of Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 and PC. Expect to pay around £41.74 for it. You’ll find that version delivers you cross-gen opportunities too – buy on Xbox One, play on Xbox Series X|S (and similar for PS4/PS5). However, a little Nacon quirk means that is only available until April 28th, after which it very much looks like you’ll need to pay for separate copies of the game. Yeah, we don’t know why that is the case either.

Let us know if you grab it. 

Game Description:

Crouch, bind, set! Discover the true rugby experience. Play with best clubs and top nations, enjoy dynamic gameplay that stays faithful to the sport, and experience the intensity of big matches.

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3 months ago

well, the game is so difficult to play… lost every game in semi-pro-mode. Never had the chance to score. Scrums and Rucks work quite well but I fail almost every tackle. I don’t need the ultra 4k graphics, I’d just like to feel having a chance scoring a try. :/