With another World Cup comes another wave of football fever. It wasn’t too long ago that gamers were blessed with a standalone World Cup game for each tournament, but in recent years, those who want to delve into expansive international team modes also need to buy the annual FIFA title.

Still, EA Sports can create fun football simulations, and while the standalone games were a bit more arcade-like, there’s something to be said for having a more realistic game for the biggest single-sport tournament in the world. This year, most football fans will gravitate towards the final FIFA game, but there are plenty of other options to appease the football cravings.

Here, we’re exploring what FIFA has to offer for World Cup simulations, as well as the other games that you can explore.

FIFA’s still the main game for football

FIFA 23’s initial early access release was on 27 September, fully launching on 1 October. With its release comes a whole new wave of customer cravings. Not only are the teams updated, but players will also get to play in the FA Women’s Super League and Division 1, cross-play, and HyperMotion2 technology to bring in more animations and upgrade the realism.

Of course, in 2022, it’s all about the World Cup mode. For FIFA 23, World Cup will come as an additional free piece of downloadable content closer to the start of the tournament. Very little has been revealed about the additional game mode, but what has been announced is that the men’s World Cup won’t be the only addition. Also on the way is the 2023 Women’s World Cup, taking place in Australia and New Zealand.

Being the best-selling premium football game in the world, few would dispute that, for hands-on play of the sport, FIFA 23 is your best option. However, be it because of the platform, price, or just a general dislike of the publisher, many people want to go another route. Luckily, there are plenty of other game developers looking to feed the need for some football action.

Where else to go for World Cup gaming

The first port of call for any gamer who wants a deeper, more authentic football experience past FIFA is Football Manager. Set to release on 8 November, it’s arriving very close to the big tournament itself, but as you can play as any national and club team from a new game, FM23 will be one of the best ways for you to game through the World Cup.

If you’re not one for wanting to be a player or manager and just want to stay in on the action, you can turn to the live casino online to keep up with the games. In the live casino game Football Studio, for example, the score panel and croupier will keep you and the gaming community in the loop. So, players can play a classic table game but still be a part of the celebrations of the World Cup.

While it’s not out yet, the developers have a solid record. Sociable Soccer should set a new standard for arcade football games and is set to release in November this year – just in time for the World Cup. All of the teams and players will be updated for this campaign, and you’ll get to collect legendary players for the clubs that you choose. If it’ll have a World Cup mode hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’ll still offer classy arcade football fun.

The World Cup’s coming very soon, and regardless of if your home nation stands a chance, it’s tough not to get swept up in the festivities. As a gamer, you’ve got a bunch of great options to experience the thrills your way.