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When Big Sugar and 2 Ton Studios released Unto The End to Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC back in December, the sheer difficulty of the combat found many giving up with the intriguing story. Now though the game has been updated, and alongside some assistance to the combat, a variety of gameplay tweaks and bug fixes, is the option to run through the game without ever needing to kill a thing.

Unto The End’s ‘Passive Run’ update will let players take on the brilliantly designed adventure, being able to run through the entirety of matters without ever having to use brute force to find the end. Rolling out right now to the game on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch and PC, the main feature of this update is the introduction of non-violent resolutions to several encounters that previously required the player to engage in combat.

It was that combat which got a little testing if we’re honest – our full review of Unto The End on Xbox Series X|S goes into finer details – , yet now we can decide whether we wish to complete the game without ever having to fight or kill. This will mean you can trade with foes or use items, interacting with the environment, or simply running away. Think we’ll go with the latter if we’re honest!

“Giving players the ability to get through the game passively was always the goal – the systems and mechanics were built up alongside the combat from the very start,” explains the game’s designer, Stephen Danton. “Not many fighting games allow you to avoid fights through non-violent means, fewer still let you avoid every fight – including with the last boss. But that was key for us. Giving the player that freedom to roleplay and shape the journey home is what we think makes games such a special way to tell stories.”

You can see how the new Unto The End Passive Encounters update works in the trailer below. You’ll also find the update pushing out a new ‘Combat Assist’ option that sets opponent combat speed to either 100%, 75%, or 50%, while there are other numerous gameplay tweaks and bug fixes too.

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It’s the chance to run away that has us most excited though. What about you? Is the update 2 Ton Studios are pushing one that excites you?

Should you not yet have picked the game up, you’ll find Unto The End available from the relevant stores for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Google Stadia and PC.


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