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We’re big fans of what GUNNAR Optiks create, with the launch of their recent Lightning Bolt 360 changing the game in the glasses field. Now though the leaders in the blue light blocking market are back, collaborating with the world’s largest esports company – ESL – to launch the ESL Blade to the world.

For many GUNNAR Optiks are up there amongst the greatest gaming glasses manufacturers across the globe, and thanks to a three-year partnership deal with ESL they are now dropping the ESL Blade to gamers, providing players with performance enhancing optical features and superior protection against the short and long-term effects of not just digital eye strain but also exposure to the artificial blue light emitted from digital screens while gaming.

Running with a signature design with lightweight wrap-around frames, the ESL Blade features sleek, custom design for everyday gaming performance and player comfort. The unique stainless steel wrap around frame comes equipped with slim, co-branded temples to relieve pressure while wearing headsets and an adjustable nose pad for a personalized fit. And then, the superb Amber lens which can also be present in the Lightning Bolt 360 (and is also available in prescription) blocks 65% of blue light, reduces glare and comes with a smudge resistant coating.

“Given the pandemic, our partnership with GUNNAR has become even more significant and relevant due to the drastic increase in time spent on digital screens playing, watching and streaming video games,” said David Hiltscher, VP Shop, Merchandise, Licensing at ESL Gaming. “ESL Blade provides an ideal solution for the greater cause of player and fan eye health. We’re excited to continue working alongside the GUNNAR team to launch exclusive glasses for ESL and gaming fans around the world.”

“We are so excited to be able to bring these unique glasses to the gaming masses. ESL Blade is the perfect combination of style, performance and protection,” said GUNNAR Optiks, Director of Marketing Gaming & Brand, Georgina Petrie. “Designed for players and fans alike, these ESL branded glasses are perfect to wear while watching, streaming and competing at the highest level.”

You’ll be able to grab the ESL Blade with an ESL exclusive branded pouch and flat fold case from They’ll run at an MSRP of £59.99/$79.99. They should also be available over at the ESL store, Overclockers UK and If you’re after a prescription pair, they’ll start at $229.99.

Check out the trailer below.


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