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Head to Monaco as Saints Row headlines the latest free Xbox Games With Gold titles


You should never turn your nose up at free games, and even though Game Pass is most definitely the future, there’s still live in the old Games With Gold scheme. In fact, taking into account the new free games that are being gifted the way of Xbox players throughout the month of August, it’s most definitely alive and kicking – we get to head to Monaco and join the Saints, for one.

Each and every month the Xbox Games With Gold scheme has been found to provide players with a host of free games, and even though we’ll soon have to say goodbye to the Xbox 360 titles that have helped fill out the program, there are still a host of other titles ready to step up.

August 2022 sees Games With Gold go big with four new and free games for Xbox players to enjoy. They may not quite have the appeal of months gone by – although we’ll never turn down the opportunity to join the Saints – and it’s still likely that Game Pass is going to be your go-to for free gaming love, but they are well worth checking out.

  • Calico – 1st-31st August 2022
  • ScourgeBringer – 16th August – 15th September 2022
  • Saints Row 2 – 1st-15th August 2022
  • Monaco What’s Yours Is Mine – 16th-31st August 2022

You’ll find the first two games being stripped of their price tags in the very near future, with the second batch (ScourgeBringer and Monaco) going free come mid-month. We’ll let you know once they are freely downloadable.

In the meantime, we’d highly recommend that you pick up the freebies that have been present through July, with the likes of Beasts of Maravilla Island and Torchlight both soon going back up to paid levels. You’ll find that Relicta is also still free and will be sitting as so until mid-August. There’s no reason to not grab it for nothing right away though. 

Once you’ve taken in July’s freebies and have considered those that are popping up in August, let us know your thoughts concerning the Games With Gold scheme as a whole. Is it still relevant in a time when Game Pass is so dominant? The comments are below.

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