Keep those tires muddy in the ultimate off-road experience of Spintires: MudRunner with a new content update that’s arrived to take you to The Ridge. Best of all, it’s free!

The free content includes a new map, new vehicles and a selection of new add-ons to explore the harsh environments with. The new map, The Ridge, is a coastal area which is split in half by a mountain range and you will need to take a hell of a lot of care if you’re looking to travel across the centre, cutting time in the process.

In regards the two vehicles being introduced, both are tractors; one is the heavy duty D-538 and the other the lightweight B-6A. These can be used on any map, as long as you’ve unlocked enough progression points. To actually complete The Ridge, a new type of delivery gamplay called Scavenging must be utilized, which essentially sees you collecting logs scattered across the map to complete deliveries, thus earning unlock points.

Spintires: MudRunner is a cracking game in its own right, featuring great physics and bringing a high standard of realism to the off-road driving genre – as you’ll find out by reading our review of the full game. So you could do a lot worse than firing up Spintires: MudRunner on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 or PC to get stuck into this free content immediately!

DLC Description:

Expand your Spintires: MudRunner experience with Free DLC, The Ridge! Roll out with 2 new vehicles in a brand new map situated on the edge of a coast. A huge mountain ridge sits in the center and travelling between the two halves of the map will be a great challenge! To complete these objectives players will have to scavenge the map searching for fallen logs at different locations. Included in this DLC, a whole new map, 2 new vehicles and their addons: – A new map, The Ridge – The D-538, a heavy-duty tractor – Spare wheel addon – Fuel canisters addon – A loader addon – The B-6A, a lighter weight tractor. – Fuel canisters addon – Utility (fuel/repairs) trailer – Fuel trailer

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