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Prepare for flying cupcakes in 2D shooter Birdcakes out now on Xbox One, PS4 and PC


Birdcakes is not your ordinary 2D shooter. It’ll see you become one with a cupcake as you fly through the air, blasting a whole load of nasty little flies, all in the name of love. Are you interested now?

Pancake the Cupcake is the hero of the hour and he’s about to kill every last bloody one of the flies for ruining a lovely picnic he was having with his girlfriend, Cherry. Using the state of the art cupcake and bird weaponry, Pancake must fly through 6 randomly generated worlds infested by the pests and destroy them with powerful candy bullets. Expect to face off against bigger, foul bosses along the way too, putting those flight skills to the test.

It’ll be no easy feat, as if you die once then you’ll be sent all the way back to the beginning – and that’s not sweet at all. Fortunately, the bakery store will equip you with all sorts of extras and power-ups, which will stay with you forevermore, ensuring your next run is a tad easier. These range from different types of bullets to acquiring a dash manoeuvre that’s more suitable to your style of play.

The high flying desolation of flies found in Birdcakes is now available to purchase on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. As always, us Xbox gamers should head over to the Microsoft Store to grab it for the cost of £4.19.

Game Description:

Step into a world of flying cupcake weaponry! After a picnic went horribly wrong, Pancake the flying cupcake will try to protect his girlfriend Cherry from hungry flies! Featuring randomly generated levels; colorful 2D art; tight shooting controls; and fluid aerial movement mechanics, you’ll be set for a wacky flight through the kitchen and beyond. Fly through 6 fly-infested worlds and destroy them with powerful candy bullets. Things won’t be so easy however! Die once, and it’s all the way back to the beginning; so make sure to buy power-ups from the bakery store and get ready to save the (flying cupcake) world!

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