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Loved what tinyBuild provided with the launch of Hello Neighbor back in 2018? Well, you’re going to love Hello Neighbor 2 when it drops on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC in 2021.

Revealed during the Xbox Games Showcase by tinyBuild, Hello Neighbor 2 is the highly anticipated sequel to the best-selling horror franchise. Taking place directly after the events of the original title, you will get the chance to explore the open world of Raven Brooks, as you go in search for the missing Mr. Peterson (the Neighbor). But it won’t be an easy task, as throughout you’ll be stalked by a creature controlled by self-learning AI.

Hello Neighbor 2 will release for Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC in 2021, you’ll find yourself playing things out as Quentin, a local reporter investigating why people have started to mysteriously disappear in Raven Brooks. And by getting involved you’ll find that a whole string of discoveries will lead you to an abandoned house occupied by a mysterious, raven-like being.

Features will include:

  • Open-world gameplay – Explore the abandoned house from the original game, while being stalked by an AI, and see the gameplay expand into the open world of Raven Brooks, a sandbox playground where you need to scavenge for useful items while trying to not get caught by the inventive AI.
  • Self-learning AI – Unlike the original, where the AI navigated by manually placed waypoints, Hello Neighbor 2 features an AI where navigation patterns are fully dynamic. The mysterious creature will observe the player’s movements and actions and will use that knowledge to prevent players from figuring out the secrets lying within the house and its surroundings.
  • Expanded universe – The development of Hello Neighbor 2 started before the release of the Secret Neighbor multiplayer spin-off and the brand-new story fits into the bigger Hello Neighbor cross-media universe, which features a best-selling books series, animated TV show pilot, comic book series, and an upcoming board game.

Hello Neighbor 2 will launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X and PC at some point in 2021, with development handled by tinyBuild’s newly acquired dev team, Eerie Guest Studios. If you haven’t played the first game, now is probably the best time to get involved. Hit up our review in order to see what’s what.

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