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Following on from popular anti-grav racers of late, such as Pacer and Antigraviator, where Repixel8’s newly released title differs is that you will be racing across the full 360 degrees. Yes, in Gravity Chase, you don’t just have to worry about what’s next to you, but also under and above you too.

Now available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC, those of you familiar with the classic Wipeout racing scene of the early PlayStation era will instantly feel at home with Gravity Chase. It’s all about holding down the accelerator, weaving between obstacles, and deploying a variety of power-ups and weapons to hinder your opponents, or give you an added advantage. 

Alongside the more traditional Arcade mode, it will be the Combat and Eliminator modes where such weapons will be key – sometimes it’s not all about crossing the finish line first!

Whether you are found racing within a tunnel, or on the exterior of one, you will be found doing so across 16 tracks that unlock as you progress through the game. Progression will also be an element of the vehicles you take to the tracks too, as the 10 vehicles present can all be customised and upgraded as you see fit. And, of course, no racer would be complete without some multiplayer fun to be had – Gravity Chase’s split screen mode accommodates for up to 4 local players.

A list of features of Gravity Chase can be found below:

  • Super fast anti-gravity combat racing action through 360 degree tunnel tracks set in beautiful futuristic locations
  • Single player or split screen multiplayer mode supporting up to 4 local players.
  • 16 tracks to unlock as your progress through the game
  • 10 customisable and upgradable racers across multiple speed classes
  • 3 exciting race types – Arcade, Combat and Eliminator.
  • High speed combat with weapons pickups
  • Unique 360 degree tunnel racing mechanic.

With all that said and done, Gravity Chase is shaping up to be a really decent anti-grav racer. So if that’s how you like your adrenaline-pumping action, then head over to the Xbox Store to play on Xbox Series X|S or Xbox One – the price is £9.99. Gravity Chase is also available on PC.

Game Description:

Welcome to the futuristic anti-gravity arcade racer with a twist. Gravity Chase racing competition takes place on tunnel tracks for super-fast 360 degree Zero G racing. Skill and precision piloting are required to follow the optimum line along with strategic use of pickups, powerups and weapons in order to progress through the race series.

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