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We’ve already seen the Special Edition of Devil May Cry 5 deliver up the opportunity for gamers to embark on missions as the iconic Vergil, but now it’s time for those scrabbling around on the older systems to enjoy a similar option. 

Available to purchase and download into the original Devil May Cry 5 right now – that’s the non-Special Edition version which recently dropped on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 – are no less than five different Vergil focused options. Which you decide to take should be totally dependant on your love of the franchise. 

The first option to consider is the £3.99 drop of Playable Character: Vergil, a pack that pretty much kicks things off by adding Vergil as a playable character across the story, through the Bloody Palace mode and into The Void. But further to that is also the Vergil Early Unlock Pack which will allows you to instantly unlock Super Vergil as a playable, just in case you can’t be bothered to unlock through standard progression.

That pack will also provide you the chance to grab the Vergil EX Provocation content too; a taunt that lets you increase your style rank with ease. Consider that this normally costs 3 million Red Orbs and you’ll see the interest. That’s not all though and the pack also includes the Vergil Battle Track 4-Pack letting you change up the battle music with four new tracks – BATTLE-1 (VERGIL), Beowulf Battle, Let’s Just See, “DEVILS NEVER CRY” HR/HM Ver. 

Each of these are also available individually, £1.59 for the Track 4-Pack and EX Provacation and £2.39 for the Super Vergil Unlock.

Provided you have a copy of Devil May Cry 5 to hand on Xbox One or PS4 (basically the old-gen version), then head over to your favoured digital store and take home the Vergil content right now. Just remember, if you’re playing the Special Edition you need not worry about this.

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