It’s getting to that time of year where WWE 2K15 has been out long enough for people to start talking about the next instalment. All we have for WWE 2K16 at the moment are rumours that are more than likely going to be proven incorrect. These rumours make you think though, will they make the next WWE 2K game better than its predecessor? And if so, how will that be done?

Well that’s why I’m here, to put my wrestling fan hat on and give my ideas on what needs to be worked on and added in to the next WWE video game.

The core of ideas in WWE 2K15 were by no means terrible but the execution of a couple of game modes and the gameplay itself certainly needs to be looked at. There’s no better place to start than MyCareer where 2K developers believe that once a wrestler (yes I will use that word instead of sports entertainer) wins a world title belt they just hang up their boots and retire. If only someone had told John Cena that *sigh*… anyway back to my point, it came across to me as a lazy career attempt.

Next time around it needs a slower build to the end game and instead of finishing on a massive high, be realistic with a retirement match against the next big thing before a Hall of Fame induction. There also seemed to be a lack of interactions throughout, with most story-based decisions and problems coming up in text form. Let me roam backstage, searching for a tag partner, a stable or even my next opponent and add more unique storylines that can occur more often.

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My major gripe was with the career mode, however that doesn’t let the rest of the game off the hook. 2K Showcase is the type of mode that does one of two things; it allows you to reminisce about the years gone by or educates the next generation of fans about some of the finest eras in wrestling. They should add more from the get go; instead of holding ideas back for DLC just stick them in from the start and make sure the feuds or careers that are showcased aren’t too recent. I don’t think I’m the only fan that would love a WCW focussed Showcase and considering the main wrestlers have been in the WWE it shouldn’t be a problem to include them. Big names like Sting, Nash, Goldberg, Hogan, Flair and DDP are all easily acquirable, hell they could even chuck some of the famous cruiserweights in there like Billy Kidman, Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio.

As for the technical issues that need ironing out, I’d hope now they’ve got one new generation title under their belts it’ll only get easier for 2K. There were some weird body glitches and move botches that you’d only usually see in a live Sin Cara match. The matchmaking felt overly complicated too, generally leading to long wait times to actually get a game. Just keep it simple with Ranked or Player matches and let people choose their character upon entering a bout. I wouldn’t mind seeing a tag team ranking for friends to team up and take on all challengers that pop up.

I could go on and on (like a promo at the start of an episode of Raw) about the roster but there’s only one big flaw I see every year and it’s to do with the female side of it. Sure, there aren’t many women competitors on the main roster in real life compared to the male stars, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be bolstered and enhanced. Eight “Divas” on the current video game roster and nowhere to get a substantial amount of play using them. That’s the problem, the solution? A women’s division 2K Showcase.


This way they could include the current women wrestlers and any that aren’t there, who have had an historical match of sorts at some point, can be added. It could span many years to include the recent Hall of Fame member Alundra Blayze, Lita, Trish Stratus, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James and after her match at SummerSlam 2014 versus Brie Bella, Stephanie McMahon too. Chuck in a match or two from recent NXT events featuring Sasha Banks or Charlotte and I think it’d be the first time the female roster has delivered in quality and quantity. The fans didn’t spread #GiveDivasAChance for nothing; give them the limelight in the games too.

Last but not least in my ideas for WWE 2K16 to be a main event contender would be for a brand new mode that has a sprinkle of both Universe Mode and the old GM style modes. Given how much screen time The Authority get, I reckon it’d be quite enjoyable to be able to hire randomly generated stars and fire wrestlers that aren’t getting over with the virtual crowd. The emphasis would be on making great match-ups, get high ratings and earning money to then use on recruitment or bringing in high priced legends.

Obviously I can’t guarantee we’ll see any of this in the upcoming WWE video game from 2K, however they’d be fools to not at least improve on the more blatant failings of WWE 2K15. Stay tuned because I don’t think it’ll be too long till we start to get legit details on WWE 2K16.

Come on 2K, do what’s best for business.

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[…] James () It’s getting to that time of year where WWE 2K15 has been out long enough for people to start […]