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We’re well used to seeing the Xbox Series X|S badging getting attached to previously released games, as developers make the most of the new technology on offer to them to enhance and improvement the experience they have created. But In Rays of the Light only released a couple of months back. Does it warrant another full release in next-gen enhanced form?

Whether it does or not it totally up for debate and we’ll be sure to detail the changes in a full review of In Rays of the Light on Xbox Series X soon, but for now, if you haven’t yet played Sometimes You and 7th Sector’s atmospheric tale now is probably your best chance to do so. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox Series X, following on from the Xbox One launch in March, In Rays of the Light throws you into a world of beauty, abandonment, life, death and more as you get the chance to take in and explore a world that is unlike any other. 

Running as a first person meditative quest that plays out a philosophical story, this remake of a 2012 title – The Light – will see you wandering the abandoned remains of a life from the past. From there you’ll find puzzles galore, text messages and documents to take in, a soundtrack and visuals that are as beautiful as they are gloomy and a story that comes complete with a couple of different endings. 

The Xbox Series X|S version of In Rays of the Light will set you back £6.69 which keeps it firmly in line with that version that dropped earlier in the year. If you wish to pick it up, whether that be because you just wish to play through it again with a tighter visual set, or because you never got round to a previous purchase, the Xbox Store will sort you out with the download. 

Game Description:

New game from the developer of “7th Sector” Sergey Noskov. There is only you, the abandoned remains of a former life and the flourishing nature that feels great in the absence of man. This world is both gloomy and empty, but so incredibly beautiful. “In rays of the Light” is an atmospheric author’s parable about our place in this world, life and death. Explore a mysterious territory filled with a variety of details that reveal the story. Solve logic puzzles and study text messages along the way.

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