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Coming from the creators of Just Shapes & Beats is Infernax – a blood-splattered, demon-slaying retro action adventure. And it’s due to hit Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC in 2022!

Announced by The Arcade Crew and Berzerk Studio (they behind the critically acclaimed Just Shapes & Beats), Infernax is getting set to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC in Q1 2022, bringing players a demon-slaying adventure that has been inspired by the 8-bit classics.

Infernax will have you bashing monsters into a spectacularly bloody pulp across PC and console next year as players are given the opportunity to follow Alcedor, a famed knight who discovers an unholy magic has spread throughout his land while he was away. It’s up to him to fix things and so armed with a skull-splitting mace and a trusty shield, Alcedor vows to obliterate the grotesque beasts roaming his home.

This plays out as an epic side-scrolling quest, one that is able to fully recall the essence of classically difficult action adventure games from yesteryear. There’s much going on too and as Alcedor slaughters foes, he will gain experience and gold vital for obtaining powerups, leveling up stats and earning new skills and weapons – all in order to help paint the screen red with blocky splatters of blood.

There will however also be morality-testing decisions to make in this quest, with consequences of each found later in the adventure, influencing which of the game’s multiple endings players witness. Infernax will also come with an open world-style design that is packed with secrets awaiting discovery by its most kickass players, offering a satisfying reward for those skilled enough to endure a brutal challenge.

You can get over to Steam and wishlist Infernax right now. Or you can kick back with Alcedor as he cracks demons open and scatters their innards like meat confetti in the latest trailer. Or you could do both. You decide.

We’ll be sure to follow with further Infernax info and that all-important release date as and when we can.

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