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GIANTS Software are going big with Farming Simulator 22, taking what they have learnt from previous games to deliver the most exciting farming experience yet. There’s going to be a ton for players to get involved in too, with the latest confirmed additions being that of tending to your greenhouses and keeping on top of your beekeeping.

Due to launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PS4, PS5, Stadia and PC come November 22nd, Farming Simulator 22 won’t just be about driving tractors and sowing seeds. Of course, that’s going to be a large part of what is on offer, but this latest version of the game will be going super deep, with tons of different opportunities arising for players.

Farming will be as sweet and delicious as ever as the GIANTS Software introduce new beekeeping features to produce honey, and greenhouses to grow juicy strawberries, healthy lettuce and tomatoes in Farming Simulator 22. You can see how this works via the new trailer, something which also shines light on the livestock animals, as well as the new wildlife whirling around through fields and forests.

In combination with the new production chains, farmers can extend their operation significantly through more options and produce way more than just the usual crops. This way of direct and local distribution allows for more complexity, especially in multiplayer mode with multiple farmers working together.

So how will these latest additions work? Well, the importance of bees shows itself in Farming Simulator 22 through various effects on the farm: by placing beehives in proximity to canola, potatoes, and sunflowers, the yield of said crops will rise thanks to pollinating. Of course, the bees also do what bees do best, happily producing a sweet, golden and viscous substance.

Stored on generated pallets, beekeepers can don their new protective beekeeping suit, before either selling honey directly or delivering it to the cereal factory, where it’s used among other ingredients to produce a crunchy breakfast product. While the beehives come in varying sizes are productive during warm seasons, they will only serve as a place for a buzzing slumber party when it gets cold.

But that is where the greenhouses come in. With seasonal cycles coming to Farming Simulator 22, virtual farmers need to prepare for winter. While plowing snow and tending to livestock, additional income can be generated by building greenhouses in varying sizes. With plants and trees withered during the cold months, growing strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes will still provide a green sight – as long as fresh water is provided. And the profitability of the farm during winter is guaranteed.

You’ll be able to take all this in via the confirmed crossplay multiplayer too.

Check out the trailer below to see how this all works and then standby to get hands-on yourself when Farming Simulator hits PC and console in November. You can pre-order it now by visiting the Xbox Store.

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