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There is nothing new about being the last hero, battling to save humanity from utter extinction. But what if humanity was long gone and all that was left were robot toys. What if you were the last of those robot toys. And you could roll? Well, you’d be The Last Rolling Hero. Obviously. 

Available to purchase and download right now on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S is The Last Rolling Hero; a single player tale that focuses all efforts on a toy robot left to do what they do best – save their kind from extinction. 

Priced at a mere £3.79, this is one of those super cheap games that many decide to take a punt on; whether that be in the hope that they have unearthed a hidden gem, or are more concerned about filling their Xbox Gamerscore and achievement balance. 

It comes from the team at Poor Cat – they previously behind Hyposphere: Rebirth amongst others – and sees you placed in charge of this little robot defender. It’s here where you’ll find yourself going up against unimaginable forces as they attempt to rule the universe, taking no prisoners in the process. If you fail, well, your toy robot population will never return…

Promising many levels, huge bosses, dynamic battles and an interesting story, taking all in as you roll with it, this Kula World on steroids shooting affair may well be something to suit. Our full review will be able to detail everything you need to know so give that a read prior to heading to the Xbox Store and splashing that – admittedly very low – asking price. 

If you do spend time with The Last Rolling Hero, let us know what you think about it. The comments are below. 

Game Description:

In the distant future, toy robots lived on a distant planet. But there was a terrible danger behind the sweet appearance. Their artificial intelligence was able to combine into a computer of incredible power. And of course the evil forces wanted to take advantage of this. Now only you can protect the universe. Take control of a robot defender and don’t let the scary happen.

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