The Rolling Stones rocksmith dlc

2018 is coming to a close and after a year in which new Rocksmith content was delivered on a weekly basis, it’s time to end proceedings on a high – with the arrival of the legendary Rolling Stones on to Rocksmith. 

Dropping into the Rocksmith library and being available for purchase, download and eventual mastering on both Rocksmith 2014 Edition and Rocksmith Remastered is the final DLC pack of 2018, and this one is a bit of a cracker. Delivering no less than 4 tunes from the legends that are the Rolling Stones, we find the following tunes available…

  • Jumpin’ Jack Flash
  • Gimme Shelter
  • Brown Sugar
  • Sympathy for the Devil

The Rolling Stones Song Pack for Rocksmith will set you back just £7.99, and that will give you access to each one of the tunes listed above. What you do with them from there on out is entirely up to you, but we’d advise practising, learning and finally nailing every single riff you can, then proving your worth to friends and family by becoming the centre of the entertainment over the holiday period. 

Of course, if you’d prefer to just pick up the odd tune or two, or are finding it increasingly difficult to warrant a full purchase considering the time of year, then each tune is also available for just £2.39 each. 

No matter whether you are a fan of what Jagger, Richards, Wood and Watts have done with the Rolling Stones catalogue of tunes, or not, there is little chance any music fan will not be able to find any appeal with the tunes available in the Rolling Stones Song Pack for Rocksmith. Should you wish to pick them up on Xbox One or Xbox 360, then the Xbox Store will sort you out, whilst those on PS4 and PS3 will need to head to the PlayStation Store

Let us know if you decide to end 2018 with the stunning tunes of the Rolling Stones by posting in the comments below. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the DLC packs as a whole and what you’d like to see in 2019 and beyond. 

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