One of our favourite indie developers, the Virtual Air Guitar Company have built a bit of a reputation on the back of Kinect for Xbox. And even though manufacturing of the accessory has stopped, it’s great to see that they are cracking on with new games regardless. Today, they have announced that Boom Ball 3 for Kinect will be with us in just a few short weeks, whilst Kinect Funhouse is deep in development.

You may have played a Kinect game from The Virtual Air Guitar Company. In fact, if you’ve played a Kinect title over the last few years, then chances are it was one of theirs. With Boom Ball and Boom Ball 2 behind them, it’s great to hear that Boom Ball 3 for Kinect will soon be with us.

Due for arrival in December 2017 and priced at $9.99 / €9.99 / £7.99, Boom Ball 3 brings a whole new artistic direction for the ping-pong series, 50 new levels to enjoy, a full-on turbo mode for the most expert of players, and an improved multiplayer experience which requires even less working space than before.

“Even though manufacturing has stopped, that doesn’t mean all the Kinects out there have suddenly stopped existing. We continue to support Kinect, and we’ll keep making Kinect games for as long as enough people keep buying them,” states Aki Kanerva, Founder and Lead Designer at Virtual Air Guitar Company.

Boom Ball 3 brings a new artistic direction to the popular Kinect ping-pong franchise, taking players on a journey across vivid landscapes populated by cubic animals and characters – without forgetting explosions. Kanerva says, “Boom Ball looks better than ever before. It’s like taking a colorful holiday trip around the world. And every single level has been hand-crafted for maximum fun.”

“In Fast and Turbo modes, you have fewer balls to lose, and the balls fly much faster. At any time, you can choose the difficulty that suits you best – leisurely fun on Normal mode, challenging your reactions on Fast mode, or getting your sweat on in Turbo mode.”

Feature include:

  • Cheerful ping pong on Kinect
  • 50 all-new lively levels, filled with cute cubic critters
  • New turbo modes for expert players
  • Customize your paddles with unlockable pictures
  • Take a photo of anything with Kinect and use it on your paddles
  • Improved multiplayer: even less space needed

If that’s not enough Kinect news, then The Virtual Air Guitar Company have also confirmed that work is underway on Kinect Funhouse, with a Spring 2018 release planned. Details will be released in the months ahead.

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