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It’s been six months or so since Frogwares started delivering their Sherlock origin story, with the release of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One. Since that time they’ve pushed forward with a host of downloadable content offerings, building out the base game nicely. Today they continue to do just that, it’s just this time the content is totally free to download. 

The Sherlock Holmes Chapter One Clergyman Cassock DLC is the latest content drop for Sherlock’s latest adventure, and unlike with the arrival of A Master Thief and Mycroft’s Pride, this is totally free to download and add into the game. 

It’s not a game changer by any means and in fact you’d probably not even notice if you didn’t find the time to add this into Chapter One, but should you have a download of the game sitting in your digital library and you like nothing more than dropping into the shoes of old Sherlock from time to time, you may as well get it downloaded. 

But what does the Sherlock Holmes Clergyman Cassock DLC bring? Well, as you may suspect, it’s a new bit of clothing for the world’s greatest detective as he embraces his inner clergy and takes on his detective work in full-length garb. 

And that, as they say on all the greatest shows, is pretty much that – a clergy cassock for Sherlock to kit himself out with. Like we say, no gamechanger. 

You’ll find the Clergyman Cassock available from the digital store of your choosing, with Sherlock Holmes Chapter One present and correct on Xbox Series X|S, PS5 and PC (GOG and Steam). The Xbox Store link for the free Clergyman Cassock content is here

Let us know if you decide to grab it. And if not, why not? It’s free after all. 

Our full review of Sherlock Holmes Chapter One on Xbox Series X|S is ready to read too.

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