Lara Croft and Temple of Osiris was mentioned briefly at E3 but now we can give you further details and show you the trailer.

The sequel to the rather decent digital title from Crystal Dynamics, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, the next adventure takes place deep in the deserts of Egypt. The god of chaos, once ruled all of Egypt after murdering his brother Osiris and enslaving the other gods, but when Egypt was no longer enough, he vanished into the land of the dead intent on raising an army that could conquer the world, but he never returned and it is here the adventure starts.

With up to 4 player co-op online and offline multiplayer, some stunning visuals with no load times, hundreds of relics, weapons and artifacts to discover and of course, Lara Croft, The Temple of Osiris looks to be worthy addition to the Xbox One catalogue.

There’s currently no set release date but we’ll let you know as soon as one is decided….it’s looking like we won’t have to wait too long!


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