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A new feature on TheXboxHub, each week we’ll look back at our own personal favourite news and reviews articles which have graced the pages of TheXboxHub. So, in no particular order, let’s get started with the week 27th October – 2nd November!

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First up, I have to mention the Forza car list that was released on Wednesday 30th October. We’ve been getting through a decent list of cars in the previous weeks but nothing was to prepare for the amount thrown out this week by Turn 10.

Apparently it was 44. My first count ended at 42, then I managed to find a 43rd before dropping back down to 42 again. Now, I know I ran out of fingers shortly after I reached double figure,s but not once did I find the 44th car on the list. I’m going to blame Turn 10 here and make out that they’ve got it wrong and I’m right, but whatever it is, it’s still a lovely amount of new cars brought to Forza 5.

All that said, I think they could have just chucked that gorgeous 2013 Ariel Atom 50 V8 out alone and we would all have been happy. Roll on Forza 5.

forza ariel

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Second up, is my review of Magrunner Dark Pulse that dropped last Sunday. Now, I’m not including this just because I wrote it, far from it. It’s being included because it’s a bloody good game and one that all Xboxers should be looking at.

I’d never heard of Frogwares, the developer behind it, but got interested as soon as I’d seen a few screenshots and trailers. A big fan of Portal, I was hoping this was something that didn’t disappoint. It didn’t!

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Next on my weeks favourite news list is The Walking Dead Season 2 details.

I still class The Walking Dead Season 1 as the finest game ever to come out on the Xbox Live Arcade. Season 2 is therefore most sought after and I just can’t wait to see how the second season and the story of Clementine pans out.


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And then we get on to news that rocked the gaming world. EA Sports and Tiger Woods have split. I think it was the timing of it that got me. After all, whilst Tiger hasn’t had the best of times over the last few years, from the outside he had seemingly got his career back on track. Reinstated as world number 1 golfer, I would have thought EA would still have wanted the biggest name in golf to back their game. The only reason I can see behind the divorce is that they maybe wanted a fresh start with the next generation of golf games. Maybe they are after someone younger to help promote the next gen stuff? The news that Tiger is apparently in talks with others in regards to other golf games is interesting and to me speaks volumes in saying that the split wasn’t necessarily ‘mutual’. Or was it his doing? Maybe he wasn’t happy with the rather disappointing last game.


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And finally I feel I must mention the new Call of Duty Free Fall trailer. I’m not the biggest of shooter fans and much prefer the single player campaigns over the immensely popular online modes, but this latest trailer coming out of the COD camp makes me want to venture online with the new game. Destructible environments really look to be taken to the next level and if you haven’t yet seen the trailer, I urge you to watch it below.

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Whether these new-found multiplayer thoughts  last for only a few minutes until I start getting my arse whipped online, I don’t know, but I’m at least willing to give it a go this time round. Maybe I’ll come to regret that decision!


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And there we have it, my thoughts on five of my favourite news and review pieces in the past week.

Anything you agree or disagree with? Let us know in the comments below, or on our Google+, Twitter or Facebook pages.


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