You may have heard about Beat The Game and its beautiful dream-like environments, superb visual style and the timeless journey it brings. Well, want to know more about the funny characters that will star in it too? Worm Animation have got you sorted with a new video.

Released today, the latest video for Beat The Game focuses on the hero, Mistik, and the strange and mysterious tree figure known as Moss. Showing off the hand drawn characters beautifully, with Dali and Ernst influences shining through, it is no wonder that the team behind it previously contributed to an Oscar nominated short film – Gopher Broke.

You can view the video below, but in case you are one who prefers the written word, then Beat The Game promises to take you on a journey with Mistik. A music producer who makes beats for a living, he comes equipped with his trusty sampler, as he travels to create new sounds out of everyday objects. Mistik doesn’t adhere to the usual concepts of dimension, distance, time or space though, and that’s because he lives in a dream world – a musician’s dream.

The second character shown off today meanwhile – the hulking Moss – is a bassline maker who lives underground, only making himself visible at night. While Moss doesn’t make entire tracks, his basslines are exactly what Mistik needs to give his tracks that extra kick and bump in energy. You can expect Mistik and Moss, along with many others, to form a colourful cast in a bizarre world driven by the love of music.

Hit it up below as you wait for Beat The Game to appear on Xbox One, PS4, PC and iOS.

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