Far Cry Primal sends us back to 10000 BC, in a time when humans were a hell of a lot further down the food chain than we currently are. Want to get a look at the gameplay found in the Xbox One version? Want to watch us die?

Watch as we dodge mammoths (at least at the second time of asking) and run for our lives from sabretooth tigers prior to creating a bow, crafting a club and then going out on the hunt…for goats! With some stunning visuals that just have to be seen, a world full of life and the help of some real primal instincts, Far Cry Primal promises to continue the stunning form that the series has run with so far.

Whilst we’ll have a full review for you soon, for now, you can get a taste of the game itself by watching the video below.

Without further ado, Let’s Play Far Cry Primal on Xbox One!

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