Another month goes by and we have another list of easy Xbox achievements for you to unlock, in games that may have normally passed you by. Who knows, maybe you’ll find a hidden gem in amongst these easy Gamerscore boosters? For June 2020 we’re featuring games that have released in the last month or so, those from below the surface of the water, deep dungeons, the great open roads and even some that hover gently above us all!

You can scroll through our list for June 2020, and some of the easiest Gamerscore and achievements obtainable from some of the most recent Xbox One games, by hitting the arrows below. Are there any easy ones you managed to unlock that we haven’t mentioned? Help your fellow hunters out by leaving a comment otherwise stick around for our next list at the end of July!

7. PONG Quest – 5G – Suited and Booted

We’re starting off slow, but trust me, there are some biggies to come.

PONG Quest is a revival of the classic videogame but this time puts the same ping-pong gameplay inside an RPG. Complete with random battles, levelling and EXP, health bars and more outfits to customise your PONG paddle with than you’ll have in your own real-life wardrobe, it’s the mash-up you never knew you needed.

On the subject of these outfits, the achievement here is simply for changing your default clothes. The clothes of your PONG paddle that is before you rush upstairs and pick something up off your floordrobe. You don’t even need to unlock any through traversing the dungeons and defeating opponents, as you start off with a healthy selection. 5G is yours, and you don’t even need to iron it yourself.

6. Super Soccer Blast – 4 for 175G – Young Promise, Scorer, Hat Trick and Five Goals

See? Biggies.

Is that a “Woah!” I just heard you say? Yes, that’s right, we’ve jumped from a doubler in previous lists, bypassed a tripler, and headed straight for the quad with our next easy achievement(s).

Super Soccer Blast is an arcade football title that attempts to tap into the market dominated by FIFA and PES, with mixed results. What it does offer though, are easy achievements, hence its appearance in our list with 4 achievements.

Unlike others in this list, this one does require a bit of work beforehand but the payoff is worth it. Firstly, choose World Tour Tournament, switch the AI to easy and match length to five minutes, or longer if you want. Then you need to make sure you win the match for the Young Promise achievement, score five or more goals in the match for Five Goals which will incidentally grant you the cumulative Scorer achievement at the same time and then finally make sure one player bags at least three of them for Hat Trick.

I’ve no idea if there is commentary in this game but if you execute the above you won’t be able to hear it anyways for the constant sound of achievements unlocking.

5. Awesome Pea 2 – 20G – STAGE 0 COMPLETED

We all know that time is money, right? Well, time is also Gamerscore so if I told you that you could unlock a 20G achievement within the first 20 seconds of gameplay, you’d think that’s a good deal. And you’d be right.

Awesome Pea 2 is a 2D platformer where you must navigate a pea – that is awesome – through 24 levels. Why a pea though and not any other spherical based object, I don’t know? Perhaps it could be down to the green-based tinge the art-style has, very reminiscent of the old Game Boy screens.

Every level completed awards you with an achievement, so it is an easy list in general and certainly one for those achievement hunters out there. This one in particular though is simply for completing the first level.

4. Beyond Blue – 10G – The Ocean Is in My Blood

Beyond Blue released at the beginning of June to a lot of hype due to its collaboration with Blue Planet and offered players the chance to explore beneath the surface of the ocean in a way that has never been done before.

Generations ago, controlling a character in the sea would have sent goosebumps up the arms of many players as it seemed impossible for developers to get right. Things have improved a lot since then, but Beyond Blue still offers a prologue/tutorial of sorts to ease players in. And upon completion, a deposit of 10G is inputted into your Gamerscore bank account.

3. Disintegration – 2 for 50G – Suit Up and Battle Tested

From the depths of the ocean to hovering above the battlefield in our next guide. And it’s a tasty doubler to boot.

Disintegration offers a unique mix of FPS and RTS gameplay, all controlled atop your gravcycle that hovers above the area, where you can choose to either direct your ground units, or blast opponents away with your mounted guns.

As well as a robust single player, there is also a multiplayer, and it is here that easy Gamerscore can be earned. Firstly, choose one of the nine crews available to you and change one thing about their appearance for a simple 25G. Then, hop into a multiplayer game and – win or lose – unlock another 25G. Multiplayer achievements are usually a huge turn-off for gamers but aside from these, there are only a couple more which don’t require much more effort.

2. Tower of Time – 20G – First Blood

Just a quick word of warning: if you have been using these lists to hopefully find games with overall easier achievement lists, then skip this entry: Despite appearing on this list, Tower of Time offers a difficult path to the 1000G.

That said, if you like real-time dungeon-crawling titles, you may still have interest. Tower of Time is an RPG that offers all the aforementioned action. As with any dungeon-crawlers though, the sheer number of enemies to defeat can sometimes be overwhelming. Thankfully then, there is an achievement to coax players in.

First Blood is awarded for killing your first enemy. That’s all there is to it. Probably didn’t even need a guide to work out what was needed from the achievement name…

1. Forza Horizon 4 – 15G – Stay Home

forza horizon 4

Our final achievement this month comes from a game released nearly two years ago, as Forza Horizon 4 received another update that brought with it yet more achievements.

Update number 23 to be exact has been released to coincide with the coronavirus pandemic, in the hopes that by releasing more achievements, gamers will be more inclined to stay indoors. Or Stay Home as the achievement name would suggest. And as self-confessed achievement hunters, who are we to bemoan even more chunky Gamerscore?

However, whilst other achievements in this latest update may require some actual driving to unlock, this one is retroactive. If you have already purchased the Sunflower Meadows player house – required to unlock the ability to take Horizon Promo pictures – then when first booting up the game after the update, players will be awarded the easiest 15G. Better still, if you have taken over 200 photos of different cars for Horizon Promo, there is another 65G waiting for you.

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