While a great number of eSports are meant for the PC environment, there are still many competitive online games that can be played on an Xbox one.

In fact, the history of eSports tournaments, as well as eSports betting dates back to 1972. But the past few decades have seen eSports betting evolving into a huge industry, with innumerable eSports betting portals, several eSports bettors and the pertinent regulatory authorities coming into play.

Anyone interested in making money from eSports betting should know that it requires plenty of skill and common sense to succeed at it. Not to forget, you must be betting with a reputed and reliable portal. For instance, if you’re a Canadian, here are some of the best betting sites in Canada where you can bet on and profit from your favourite eSports. Now let’s acquaint you with some important tips that can help you make money from eSports betting.

Spend ample time on research

It’s always best to bet only on the games that you’re personally aware of and know how to play. Pick no more than one or two games and study the history of their most popular teams. Following one or two of them can help you stay constantly on top of the happenings in major competitions related to them. As is the case with any sports betting activity, you must spend a lot of time on research before placing any real money bets. For instance, there’s a separate eSports section on ESPN where you can stay updated about the recent happenings in the industry. Always remember that it is any day better to depend on bare facts and numbers, than listening to someone’s prejudiced opinion.

Go with a credible eSports betting platform

Once you’re done doing your research, you might feel very excited and itching to place your first bet. Avoid depositing money into the first eSports betting platform you come across on the internet. Do some research and look up all the reputed sports books that offer eSports bets. Check out their welcome bonuses, promotional offers, reviews, licences etc. and don’t forget to read the fine print. If you’re in Canada, you can go through the betting portals listed at the linked webpage above, in the third para. Although carrying out such research might take a little time initially, it will ensure that your money is always secure.

Be wary of the long odds

Please note, it might be tempting to bet on a team that has the longest odds. Just because it’s a videogame and all teams basically have equal chances, you might think – what’s the harm in getting behind a team with maximum profit potential?! However, playing with long odds works only for people who have plenty of experience, both in eSports betting as well as gaming. Being a seasoned player enables you to correctly predict a winner regardless of what the facts and odds might be telling everyone. Else, you might just end up letting your money go into someone else’s pockets.