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Make contact with Lunar Lander Beyond’s trailer and demo | Release date now confirmed


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Lunar Lander Beyond is coming

Updated Article – March 11th 2024

Atari have now confirmed the release date for Lunar Lander Beyond. If you’re suited with Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation or PC (Steam, Epic) then you’ll be able to get playing on April 23rd 2024. 

You’ll be able to grab the game in physical form on April 26th.

There’s a relatively new cinematic trailer to enjoy too. 

Original Article – October 9th 2023

For all the games that Atari have reworked for the modern gaming world, it’s probably Lunar Lander Beyond that is one of the most exciting. Today we don’t just get eyes on a new gameplay trailer, but a demo works its way out into the world. 

If you are of a certain age, you’ll probably have much love for the original Lunar Lander. Having released back in 1979, it’s most definitely a game that pulls on the nostalgic heartstrings. It’s that love which should ensure some kind of success for Atari when they release Lunar Lander Beyond to the world. 

A 2024 landing awaits

Set to make first contact on PC and console in early 2024, Lunar Lander Beyond will deliver players the chance to take on the role of the captain of the Pegasus Corporation’s flight crew. It’s here where you’ll need to help them navigate through space, delivering the most crucial of cargos to various lands. 

You’ll also be found extracting resources, taking in rescue missions and navigating your way across moons and planets. 

Sold as a mic of simulation meets adventure, Lunar Lander Beyond will be ripe for modern day gaming audiences to gorge on. Precision mechanics will be key to the whole affair. With these building massively on the simple game mechanics which were provided way back when. 

Key features

A quick look at the key features summary will help immerse even more…

  • Cosmic Artistry: Immerse yourself in Dreams Uncorporated’s opulent sci-fi vistas, meticulously crafted in their signature hand-drawn style.
  • Celestial Quests: Embark on an interstellar odyssey, conquering 30 daring missions spanning five celestial bodies: Nueva Luna, Mars, Venus, Ganymede, and the enigmatic realm of Etimus.
  • Fully Personalized:  Forge your own destiny with a myriad of pilot options, featuring procedurally generated characters and unique attributes. Choose from four one-of-a-kind ships, and customize them with a selection of a dozen enhancements.
  • Perilous Trials Await: Choose your destiny with four distinct difficulty tiers, where the highest, ‘Insane’, pushes the boundaries with the risk of permadeath – only the boldest dare tread this treacherous path.
  • Preserve Your Sanity: Amidst the vastness of space, it’s imperative to maintain your mental fortitude. Beware of mounting stress levels, as they may usher in harrowing hallucinations and the onset of cosmic-induced madness!

A trailer and demo for Lunar Lander Beyond

Today the first gameplay trailer for Lunar Lander Beyond is revealed. You can view it below these words. So take it in and let us know your thoughts by dropping into the comments. 

You’ll also be able to enjoy a segment of Lunar Lander Beyond by getting involved in the demo. Time limited and running through the Steam Next Fest, you’ll have until October 16th to see how this one plays. 

After that, it’s a case of holding tight until 2024 when Lunar Lander Beyond will take you to worlds unknown. It’s set for launch on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switc, Atari VCS and PC.

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