It’s been inspired by the classic Mega Man titles, but promises to bring more than a few modern twists to proceedings, as it mixes retro goodness with roguelike elements to create a super-exciting ‘just one more go’ experience. What is it? 20XX! When’s it coming? July!

In fact 20XX will be blasting its way to Xbox One on July 11th 2018, with PS4 and Nintendo Switch versions dropping the day earlier (July 10th).

Created by Batterystaple Games and Fire Hose Games, 20XX will see you dashing, jumping and blasting your way through procedurally-built stages that have been made to test not only your grasp of the controls but your situational awareness too.

The combination of ideas ensures that every session plays out differently than the last and, along with the inclusion of multiple difficulty settings, daily ranked challenges, and co-operative multiplayer – that is both online and local – 20XX provides a near-endless amount content for players to experience. Furthermore, you’ll get the chance to jam out to 20XX’s pulsing chiptune-inspired soundtrack.

20XX is currently available on Steam, selling in excess of 100,000 units, but the console release will be bundled with the “Hawk DLC Pack,” which features a third playable character with a distinct whip-like attack that allows her to steal energy from enemies and power-up five unique special abilities.

“20XX is a marriage of classic action platformer gameplay with modern roguelike design,” said Chris King, founder, Batterystaple Games. “The project has been such an incredible success for our team on PC and we can’t wait to bring console players into the fold when it launches in July.”

What do you think? Gonna dive in to the manic world of 20XX when it releases on console in July? Let us know!

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